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Google App GPS Directory Download Available from Google Play Store


Have you ever thought you could use some help in a risky situation and your phone will do that for you? What if you’re alone at night and you need a cab? Or what if your life was at risk and you don’t see anyone to help you.

The Google App GPS Directory Will Help You

If there’s an emergency this app will help you call people who are in a 500m radius.

The app is actually a map which shows you your location and will share it with people among personal details. The app features a lot of things, such as showing location of stores, restaurants and you can also contact them through this app. It also shows you directions to a certain location. If you’re in a risky situation, you can contact friends and users through SOS. They can find you by using GPS tracking.

Why is GPS Directory App Useful?

The app is a mix between SOS apps and Justdial, featuring a lot of services, such as showing and recommending locations to hospitals, restaurants, bars, stores and also being able to call those services.

Download GPS Directory from Google Play Store

Search in the Google Play Store for “GPS Directory”, download and install it. After that you have to activate location and wait for the program to identify it.

Download GPS Directory from iTunes and App Store

If you’re an Apple user, you can get the app from iTunes and App Store. Search it in the store and do the same as above.

Protect Yourself or Others With GPS Directory App

We don’t always end up in the safest places so having an app which allows you to find some help is an assurance. Don’t forget to have your location and data available when you run the app! By using this app, you can not only get help but also provide it to other users who need it.