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Google And Facebook Violated The EU’s GDPR From Its First Day


Google and Facebook already violated the new data protection law, GDPR, even if it only became active yesterday.

Companies are accused of forcing users to agree on personalized ads to use their services. The noyb.eu privacy group, led by activist Max Schrems, says people have no choice.

If complaints are taken into account, sites will have to change their operating mode, otherwise, they might be sanctioned. In the four complaints made, NoyB mentions that Facebook Inc. (with its subsidiaries, Facebook social network, Instagram, and WhatsApp) and Google violated GDPR because they did not provide a middle option for users.

Google and Facebook forced users to accept their data to be collected and used for personalized ads, NoyB said

The activist group claims that people must accept that their data will be collected, distributed and used for personalized ads, otherwise, they are invited to delete their accounts.

The organization suggests that forcing users to accept data collection measures in exchange for the possibility of using the service contravenes the new rules imposed by GDPR.

“GDPR allows processing of data strictly required for the service, but using this information for commercials and their sale requires an unforced user consent,” says noyb.eu in a press release.

“GDPR is very pragmatic about this: what is strictly necessary for an application can be taken without consent, but the rest of the things need a clear and unforced option of yes or no,” the privacy security group added.

Max Schrems says that “many users still do not know that this new method of conviction is illegal under the GDPR regulation in most cases.”

The complaints were filed by four EU citizens, from Austria, Belgium, France, and Germany.

GDPR is the newest European Union’s regulations set regarding online privacy, including cookies usage and users’ data collection. The measures became active yesterday, May 25th.