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Go With The Flow: Samsung’s New Design Patent Adopts iPhone X’s Notch


A lot of Android OEMs have copied the notch design to enhance the screen to body ratio. The iPhone X’s notch has become quite iconic and it’s also a significant divider amongst smartphone’s fans.

Now, users who mostly prefer a contiguous screen are receiving some bad news as Samsung’s goes with the flow as well.

The company hasn’t chosen the trend by now, and it went as far as mocking Apple’s notch in their ads, but it seems that it has eventually been lured into this design concept as well.

Samsung’s new design patent gives in to the notch trend

Things are about to change with Samsung because it’s latest design patent is fond of the notch.

The Chinese patent office SIPO published a license from Samsung Electronics on March 30, and it requested protection for the smartphone design.

The notch will be a bit smaller than the one featured by the iPhone X, but there’s still enough room for the earphone, some sensors, and front-facing camera. Samsung will be able to achieve a higher screen to body ratio than Apple’s.

No more fingerprint sensor at the back

Another interesting new element of the design is the lack of a fingerprint sensor at the back. This definitely suggests an in-display version.

The design still has a headphone jack which shows us that Samsung is not copying Apple 100 percent.

We can’t say for sure what this new device will be, but what we do know is that the dual cameras and full-body display definitely suggest something high-end such as the Galaxy Note 9, a device codenamed Crown that’s rumored to come with a 6.4-inch screen and other impressive features and specs.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not a sure thing that Samsung will use this design, but until someone creates in-display front-facing cameras, all notch haters will have to go along with the Apple-inspired design trend that’s adopted by lots of OEMs.