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Get TubeMate for iOS and Download All the Latest Songs for Free


There are many advantages to owning an iPad or iPhone. Apple’s operating system is highly optimized and it never lags which results in a premium user experience. However, there are also many downsides to using iOS. For example, the only way for people to download music on their iPhones is to purchase it through iTunes and as everybody knows, songs can be quite expensive.

TubeMate for iOS

Although, what if we told you there’s an alternative? We are talking about a special app that’s going to allow iPad and iPhone owners to add thousands of songs to their music library free of charge. The app is called TubeMate and it downloads YouTube videos.


Considering that YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming platform in the world, we are going to assume that everyone knows that thousands of new videos are being uploaded daily. The best thing about this is that YouTube is also the home to all the latest music videos and people can watch them for free. Things get even better since TubeMate makes it possible for people to download them on their device’s storage space as well.

Free Music

All artists upload their music on YouTube because it gives them an audience. In addition, they also make money from ad revenue. Therefore, TubeMate users will never run out of new songs to download. We should also mention that people can find almost any song ever made on YouTube with a simple search.

MP3 Converter

One of the coolest things about TubeMate is the fact that it ships with a pre-installed MP3 converter. This is an awesome feature since it means that TubeMate users will be able to instantly expand their music library without having to search for a third party converter.

Download available from iTunes.