Get the new Ford Mustang ringtone from Ford now

Get the new Ford Mustang ringtone from Ford now


If you hear someone’s phone ringing and they have a generic, factory ringtone, it probably means that they don’t care all that much about mobile phone customization or even features, and that they’re just using that deice to make and receive calls. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is worth noting that there is a special category of mobile phone and smartphone users that are very much into customizing their devices.

The dilemma of ringtone enthusiasts

However, no matter how many ringtones you switch, you will eventually get bored of the ones you have and start searching for more unique ringtones that you can use for your phone.  Good news ahead as car enthusiasts will quickly find a reason to rejoice: Ford has released a special ringtone track which fans can use for when their phones rings. This ringtone is of the 2018 Ford Mustang GT which is one of the most sought after vehicles in the world. The Mustang series has always garnered tremendous attention thanks to an eager fan base and community of vehicle enthusiasts.

Now, those that want to be closer to the roaring of such a beast have the opportunity to do so without having to pull out their wallet. In most cases, pulling out their wallets wouldn’t even make a difference because the majority of people can’t afford such a vehicle, meaning that they make even more out of such an opportunity.

Downloading is easy

It’s easy to download the new ringtone, as Ford has uploaded it to Soundcloud and has made it available for download for anyone interested in using the roaring horsepower beast in action. Here is the link towards better ringtones and here is the audio recording. Speaking of recordings, the process through which this ringtone has been obtained is equally fascinating because it involves strapping microphones to the actual car and letting her rip on the track. The empowering vibrations of that motor have made for a great ringtone which brings joy to sports cars enthusiasts and like to be on top of everything new coming out regarding this particular domain.

Not a coincidence

Many might be wondering why this car has been picked in particular to represent Ford’s entrance in the ringtone business. The answer to that is quite pleasing, as it’s not just a random pick out of the decked out catalogue that Ford can boast with. The new 2018 Ford Mustang comes with a very special featured called Active Performance Valve. To keep it short and without too many technical terms, the Active Performance Valve feature lets drivers choose different configurations for their exhaust system,  and not just have two options to pick from. Most will probably set it as loud as they can, to let everyone know that a world class vehicle is making its way through the street.