Get Rid of This Video is Not Available in Your Country from...

Get Rid of This Video is Not Available in Your Country from YouTube


Getting tired of the message “This Video is Not Available in Your Country” to keep appearing on YouTube? We have the solution, read below about 4 ways to get rid of this annoying message on YouTube.

Solution 1: Use the “Hola” browser extension to remedy the error.

Hola is a browser extension that will change the IP location, so we can make visible the video for the country where there are restrictions. The extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox.

What to do after you have downloaded the extension?

  • Open the URL of the clip;
  • Click on the Hola extension icon located above the
  • Bookmarks bar and there you can see the flags for different countries;
  • Select a country and reload the page.

Solution 2: Use ProxMate and Proxies

Proxies hide the real IP address and identity on the Internet. You can use an extension for Chrome called ProxMate which is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Alternatively, you can use free proxy sites such as:

ProxFree (
UnblockYouTube (
Zalm (

Solution 3: Download video using converters

Search for a video converter for Youtube (we recommend Clipconverters and KeepVid) or search on Google.

Solution 4: Replace URL with /v/

It is very simple, in the video’s url: will have to replace /watch?v= with /v/