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Fix: UC Browser Issues Regarding Audio and Video


Some of the users complained that after using the Uc browser for some time, they encountered problems regarding the sound, which appears to be nowhere to be found. They said that sometimes the audio is there, but it sounds as I fit were interrupted by something. You must think there might be something wrong with the computers, since the UC browser never encountered this problem before, right? We did, too! But then we found out this: the sound works properly for other web browsers. This is a thing to reflect on.

Others stated that they do have sound, but there are problems with the video, which suddenly crashes.

So here are a few ways to solve this problem:

Restart your computer.

Delete the UC browser and then download and install it again with the help of another browser that you have. If this does not work, try doing it via safe mode.

Make sure that there’s nothing wrong with the DLL, which can be missing from the UC. To do that, use, once again, another browser.

Check the volume from the icon which can be found at the bottom-right of the screen. It might actually be on mute and you might actually be worried about nothing.

Clear cache, cookies and your login data. These can make it hard for the UC browser to work properly.

Detele adobe flash and install it again. You may not use it, but maybe it’s not a bad idea to start using it.

You can try to change speed mode to IE.

Get to the sound mixer and look for the UC browser. The settings might show that the browser had been muted from there, which might explain why it makes no difference if the volume from the bottom-right icon is on mute or not.