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Fitbit is Adding Smartwatch Features to Next-Gen Charge 3


Fitbit is rumored to be working on a new fitness band called Charge 3 and the folks at Android Authority have managed to get their hands on a leaked picture of the said device, thus confirming those rumors. The interesting thing about the leaked picture is that it reveals to everyone that Fitbit is looking to introduce a bunch of smartwatch features to the fitness band and a new display!

Charge 3

As we can clearly see in the featured image, Charge 3 will sport a new design. Usually, companies that decide to redesign their devices make minor changes, but Fitbit completely changed the entire physical design. Nonetheless, Charge 3 looks sleek and it goes along perfectly with the new display.

New Display

One of the highlight features that Charge 3 will have to offer is a new display. The cool thing about this display is that it is tap-enabled which makes it easier for users to get access to the features and information that they need.

Smartwatch Features

The leaked picture also shows that Charge 3 will come with smartwatch features. Therefore, Charge 3 will support features such as Quick Reply which can be used to reply to texts. We should mention that this feature is already available on Ionic and Versa which are smartwatches produced by Fitbit.

Swim-Proof and Water Resistant

Another interesting thing that the folks at Android Authority have mentioned is that Charge 3 could be swim-proof and water resistant. These features have yet to be confirmed, but they make sense because Charge 3 will be designed for fitness activities and swimming falls into that category.

Built-In GPS

On the downside of things, Charge 3 will not feature built-in GPS. The current Charge 2 also lacks this feature and everyone was expecting to see it on the new model, but this is not going to happen.