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Final Fantasy XV Comrades Coming Out in March With New Suprises


The Final Fantasy franchise marched on with the multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV titled „Comrades”. Continuing the single-player story, which was a delight for hardcore Final Fantasy fans, the expansion made many changes to the original game and brought a new face to Final Fantasy XV, with lots of character customization options and a great deal of weapons to choose from.

The trailer announces the release of Comrades’ update on March 6th, featuring lots of additional outfits, armor suits, bosses, spells, and even new character choices such as Ravus, Aranea, or Iris. New hairstyles and funny customization options are also available, as well as a Noctis avatar.

Square Enix has had a great deal of success with Final Fantasy XV, and they obviously want to squeeze out more earnings from the game, but the expansion’s many features, as well as the upcoming update, make it look like the game is more than worth its price.

Although the initial launch for „Comrades” seemed to lack a bit in quality, the additions announced in the update will probably attract more players, or at the very least provide the existing players with more content and make them spend more time and, why not, money.

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades has been available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, requiring subscriptions to PlayStation Plus, or Xbox Live Gold. However, another important addition is the official PC release of the expansion, which is planned for the same day of the update, March 6th.

With many players noticing how the expansion adds more and more features to the game, and with the upcoming PC release, Comrades could very well become the next Square Enix mega-hit. Heavily changing the combat system, adding lots of abilities, and focusing on live support seem to be great decisions, according to many forum users, so Comrades could soon become more successful than its original counterpart.