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FCC Chairman Misleads Congress about Net Neutrality


Ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America, he did all that he could to destroy Barack Obama’s legacy. This happened not because Obama’s legacy was a problematic one (not more problematic than that of the hundreds of white Presidents America had before, at least), but because Donald Trump is a petty, petty man that thinks the Republican thing to do is to tear down any form of Democratic-fueled progress that came before.

After trying to undo healthcare as we knew it (and fortunately failing), Trump is now after net neutrality. And he’s not doing it himself, but through the chairman of his Federal Communications Commission, or FCC for short. The chairman of the FCC currently is Ajit Pai, and he has been accused not only of trying to rid the Internet of something that made it better, but also blatantly lying to Congress about it.

Pai has recently stated that his plan is to take a “weed whacker” to net neutrality, but net neutrality is actually something good. It’s a series of limitations that impedes various companies or other third parties from loading some pages or content faster than others. If this is terminated, just imagine what will happen. In 2015, former President Barack Obama passed what is now known as the open internet rules that lay at the base of net neutrality.

There is no good reason for what the Trump administration is doing other than their maniacal attempts to unravel everything that Obama left behind. And the other problem is that they’re doing it in a very Trump-like way filled with conceited stupidity and blatant misleading actions. We don’t know what else to say. You are free to support this or not, but be warned: America is falling.