Fallout 4 Update Limits PS4 and Xbox One Mods

Fallout 4 Update Limits PS4 and Xbox One Mods


Bethesda recently launched a major update to Fallout 4. This update has been specially developed so that it provides Fallout 4 support for PS4 Pro owners. Although this is good news for PS4 Pro owners, we can’t say the same thing about PS4 and Xbox One gamers. Even though the update brought a bunch of bug fixes and support for PS4 Pro it also capped the amount of mods PS4 and Xbox One players can use.

Fallout 4: PS4 and Xbox One Mods Changes

Because the game has been launched back in 2015, everyone already managed to finish its main story. Bethesda wanted to make sure that players still had something to do and launched a DLC. Well, Fallout 4 players went through that DLC pretty quick and they were left without anything to do again. This is where game mods came in.

The Fallout 4 community is filled with moders that are always looking for way of improving the game with innovative designs. There are so many mods that we can’t even list them all. For example, there’s one mod that transforms the main character in a Star Wars storm trooper or another that introduces swords and axes and even one that makes the character look like Dovakhiin from Skyrim. On the downside, the new update capped the amount of mods Xbox One and PS4 players can get access to.

The reason why Bethesda decided to do this is to make sure that the game is stable. Although the amounts of mods have been capped, the limit is quite high. PS4 players will still be able to choose from 100 different mods while Xbox One players will get 150 mods.

Skyrim Special Edition: PS4 and Xbox One Mods Changes

Bethesda received some harsh criticism from the Fallout 4 community for this decision. In its defense, Bethesda stated that this will change during the upcoming future. Additionally, Bethesda also announced that The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition will be receiving the same treatment. Nonetheless, we can be sure that Bethesda will be rolling a new update along the way that’s going to increase the mod limit on both Xbox One and PS4 system.