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Experiment: Google Maps to be the Best Route App?


There are numerous approaches to get from A to B, yet which application really gives you the best route?

Many people have their favored well-known route application, regardless of whether it’s Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze. In any case, which is really the best at getting you where you need to be in time?

An interesting experiment

To put the route applications under a magnifying glass, one man put some action in a driving year to see the circumstances for each application, departure and arrival time, traffic conditions, and, in addition, different elements, as the Daily Mail announced. After 120 trips, he found that Google Maps was the application that got him to his goals the speediest.

Google has big plans

Google is hoping to include another product highlight that would empower Google Maps clients to share battery life information with their friends.

Google Maps is ready to incorporate the capacity to share live battery life insights with friends, code covered inside the app’s indications.

The new feature would enable clients to keep their companions on top of it about their battery life levels while sharing location inside the application. It will show a generic estimate, similar to “Andrew’s  battery level is between 50% and 70%  and is charging”.

Nonetheless, this could end up being massively helpful when a friend is running low on battery and endeavoring to go home after a night out.

In the event that Google Maps, for unknown reasons can’t show the battery level, possibly because of obsolete data or an absence of authorizations on the gadget, the application will basically say, “Andrew’s battery level is unknown”.

Android Police uncovered references to the new function of the code of the most recent Google Maps beta.

In any case, Google still can’t seem to empower the feature for clients. It’s unclear when Google will make it available for clients.