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Download Zedge 5.31b99 Beta APK Update for Additional Bug Fixes


Everybody owns a smartphone and these devices represent our personality. Say for example someone owns an iPhone, then you automatically know that person loves sleek designs and simple user interfaces while on the other hand an Android fan is more passionate about customization. Therefore, smartphones represent our style and taste. Therefore, apps such as Zedge which allow people to customize their smartphone are extremely popular nowadays.


This is the most popular app on Google Play Store when it comes to smartphone personalization. Zedge offers a wide range of ringtones, app icons, wallpapers and notifications sounds which make it so much easier for people to customize their handheld devices. Worth mentioning that Zedge has a huge user base of over 200 million people and this says something about its quality.

Zedge 5.31b99 Beta APK Update

Considering that Zedge’s user base is over 200 million individual people, the app needs to always be kept up to date with the latest bug fixes so that it never crashes. With that said, the developers behind the app recently released a new APK update for Zedge which brings its version up to 5.31b99 beta.

The update is not that big, weighing in at only 16.17MB and the APK version of it can be downloaded right now. Moreover, while the update might not contain any new and innovative features, that’s only because it is focused more on fixing annoying bugs.

Wallpapers and Ringtones

Zedge features the largest wallpaper library in the world. The app is packed with themed collections and popular wallpapers such as landscapes. Moreover, the app also features a Cropper Tool which enables users to personalize their wallpapers.

Another great thing about Zedge is that it also contains millions of ringtones, alarms and notification sounds. These sounds can be personalized and they range from rock music up to comedy sayings.

Zedge is available on Google Play Store.