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TubeMate Download for iPhone and iPad for Free!


The Android community is going crazy about TubeMate. This app does something that everybody wished for at least once, it gives people the ability to download every YouTube video they want. Even though TubeMate used to be known as an Android-exclusive app, a special iOS version of it is also available for download.

TubeMate for iOS

Fortunately for iPhone and iPad owners, TubeMate is finally available for them. This app is going to change everything for iOS fans since it will give them the ability to download videos and music for free, something which iOS fans never could.

Endless Hours of Entertainment

The first thing we need to tell iOS fans is that they will never get bored again after installing TubeMate on their device. The reason we are saying this is because YouTube is the world’s largest video library and iOS fans are never going to run out of new content to watch.

Listen to All the Latest Songs

Companies such as VEVO are always making sure to upload new music videos on YouTube. This means that iOS fans can listen to all the latest songs, but things get even better now that TubeMate for iOS is here. The app is equipped with a built-in MP3 converter that allows iOS fans to download all their favorite songs and store them on their devices for offline listening.

Fast Download Speeds

Since TubeMate’s sole purpose is to download videos, no one should be surprised to find out that its packed with a special download manager. This manager has been optimized to use multiple threads when downloading files so that it can take down any video in a matter of seconds.

In addition, all downloads take place in the background which means that iOS fans can take care of other tasks such as chatting on social media while videos are downloading.

Download available from iTunes.