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Download Skype Lite APK for a Better User Experience


Skype is renowned throughout the world for being the “go to” platform when it comes to video and audio calling. This platform is reliable, fast and it offers a premium user experience. This is the reason why nearly every major company uses Skype for conference calls. However, what many might not know is that there also exists a Lite version of it.

Skype Lite has been specially built to run on limited network connections. This makes it the perfect video and audio calling platform for people who live in countries that do not benefit from good internet. Moreover, Skype Lite also comes as an Android mobile app which is great for people who don’t have that much Data on their smartphones.

Skype Lite APK

The reason we are talking about Skype Lite today is because a new APK update for it has arrived. This update raises the app’s version to and it measures in at 16.83MB. The update will arrive in Google Play Store in the upcoming future but eager users can download it right now in the form of APK.

Update Changelog

When people hear about new updates they automatically also think about innovative updates. Sadly, this is not the case with this latest Skype Lite update since it only focuses on improving the app’s stability. In fact, the developers included this following message in the update changelog: “We have listened closely to your feedback and made updates to make our app even faster and better”.

Key Features

As we’ve already mentioned, Skype Lite allows users to place video and audio calls for free. However, Skype Lite also gives users the ability to send texts and chat with their friends or family also free of charge. Another great feature that Skype Lite offers enables users to share images, videos and emoticons.

Skype Lite available on Google Play Store.