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SHAREit 3.8.25 APK Update to Share Files at Incredible Speeds


Do you hate having to send files through emails to everyone who uses a different mobile operating system than you? Apple and Google drew a borderline when they developed their operating systems which restricts people who use Android and iOS from sharing files with each other.

While this might not be such a big deal, it will prove to be quite irritating when you want to send important documents to your work colleague but you can’t because you two are using different operating systems. On the bright side of things though, this issue can go away by installing SHAREit.


SHAREit is the number one Android app for sharing files. The app holds the title of being the most downloaded designed file sharing app on the official Google Play Store in 24 countries and regions. Considering that SHAREit has an active user base of over 600 million, it proves that the services its offering are premium.

SHAREit 3.8.25 APK Update

Just like with all Android apps, the developers behind SHAREit are constantly releasing new updates which improve the app’s performance. Therefore, the latest update for SHAREit comes in form of APK (Android Package Kit) and it brings the app’s version number up to 3.8.25.

Nonetheless, SHAREit is free to download and this goes for the APK update as well. Although, Android users are required to enable a special feature before being allowed to install APK updates. The feature is called “Install apps from unknown sources” and it can be simply enabled by ticking a check mark.

Super Fast

The reason why SHAREit is so popular is because its able to transfer any type of file in a matter of seconds. The app is 200 times faster than Bluetooth, thus meaning that it shares files at speeds that go up to 20 M/s.