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Download Prisma APK Update with Daily Styles for Free


People who enjoy uploading cool photos on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook are going to love Prisma. This app is an editing tool that uses neural network and artificial intelligence to create artistic effects.

Prisma contains numerous filters which transform ordinary photos in amazing piece of art. This is the reason why this photo editing tool has millions of active users being installed on over 12.5 million devices.

Prisma Update

Even though the app contains a large number of filters, the developers behind it are always adding new ones. Prisma receives a constant stream of updates which don’t only improve its stability, but they also contain cool new filters.

Prisma fans should be happy to know that they can download a new APK update which brings the app’s version up to This new update introduces Daily Styles. This is great news since this means that Prisma users are going to receive access to a bunch of new styles every day. Things get even better since these styles can be used to create amazing photo effects.

Image Rendering

Unlike many other photo editing tools, Prisma uses a different method when it comes to rendering images. Renderings take place in Prisma’s own lab servers which use neural network and artificial intelligence to add amazing effects. After a filter or effect has been added, Prisma renders it and automatically delivers it to the user’s phone.

This innovative method of rendering images is great since it means that Prisma doesn’t require high-end smartphones in order to function. Moreover, this method also ensures that Prisma doesn’t use any unnecessary RAM power or battery charge.

We should also mention that Prisma renders images by going through multiple layers first and then recreating the picture. The reason why this is important is because other photo editing tools just add layers over the image and don’t save the original one.

Download available from Google Play Store.