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Download Master for Minecraft – Launcher Version 2.1.15 for New Features and Faster Loading Speeds


The highly popular Minecraft Pocket Edition has received a new update. Although, we need to mention that Master for Minecraft is not an ordinary launcher since it also gives users the ability to download different textures, seeds, maps and so on. Nonetheless, the update is available in APK form and it brings the app’s build number up to 2.1.15.

Master for Minecraft Version 2.1.15

The first thing that Minecraft fans are going to notice after updating the launcher is that it’s more stable than ever. The reason behind this is that the developers behind it have made sure to include a couple of bug fixes. Moreover, the update can only be downloaded manually in APK form right now and it weighs in at 25.56MB.

Additional Support

Leaving the bug fixes aside, the new update also brings support for a bunch of features. First off, Master for Minecraft will now be able to support modpkg and floatwin. Secondly, the launcher is now compatible with the following versions of member’s privileges and

Faster Loading Speed

The only complaint Minecraft fans have regarding this launcher is that it sometimes lags. The game doesn’t start instantly and that the loading speed is quite slow.

Fortunately, the developers behind the game are paying close attention to the feedback they are receiving and decided to put more focus towards optimizing the browser. Therefore, Master for Minecraft is now going to load faster than normal.

Maps, Textures and Mods

The three main reasons why Minecraft fans should decide to give this launcher a try is because they will receive access to numerous maps, textures and mods.

For example, Master for Minecraft enables users to download Gun Mods, Animal Mods and Dragon Mods. Things get even better since the launcher also includes every cool maps and textures.

Available on Google Play Store.