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Digital Assistant Alexa Should Become Available for Every Smartphone


Amazon’s Alexa starts to expand everywhere and Amazon is planning to make the digital assistant available to all users. It appears that Alexa will become the official assistant and it will help you organize your household.

Alexa will become available for various devices around the house, and each device has a special function. You can get an updated alarm clock with the Echo Spot or you can listen to music the smart way with the Echo speakers.

While it was no secret that Alexa was starting to improve all households, it appears that things will go one step further. Amazon is now planning to make Alexa available on smartphones as well, and right now it focuses on Android devices.

Alexa voice command on Android

The Alexa app was already available on Android phones, but so far it was only for users to control their Echo devices and all the other devices that used Alexa in their house. However, the latest news means that Alexa will become a real digital assistant for Android users.

Alexa will execute certain commands and it can be used for various functions, just like a regular digital assistant. And it appears that Amazon won’t stop there, and Siri is the next target since Alexa will receive an update for iOS devices as well.

Right now the update is available, but it does need some improvement. For example, mobile users can’t activate the assistant by saying the “Alexa”, and they will have to open the app instead, which can be quite inconvenient at first.

Since the update has been released recently, it will probably receive some enhancements in the close future so we can expect a better version soon. The fact that Alexa will become a complete digital assistant for mobile devices is definitely an interesting move.


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