Dell XPS 13 vs Apple MacBook Pro – the Price is Similar...

Dell XPS 13 vs Apple MacBook Pro – the Price is Similar but the Hardware Isn’t


Lately, Dell has been making waves in the tech industry with its latest 2-in-1 offerings. The US tech manufacturer recently unveiled its new XPS 13 hybrid device and it goes against Apple’s latest MacBook Pro offering. The two devices fit exactly in the same niche and customers never know which one to buy. This is why today we’re going to compare the two gadgets against each other and see how well they fare.

Dell XPS 13 vs Apple MacBook Pro: Hardware Performance

The reason why these devices are called 2-in-1 gadgets is because they basically are tablets that feature the necessary hardware parts which allow them to replace laptops. Therefore, we can already expect Dell XPS 13 and Apple MacBook Pro to impress us with their hardware parts. Nonetheless, let’s jump right into it.

Both hybrid devices feature the same “fanless” Y chipsets, previously known as “Core M”. These processors have been developed especially for thin devices such as XPS 13 and MacBook Pro. Dell’s 2-in-1 device comes with Intel’s latest Kaby Lake seventh generation processor that clocks at 1.3GHz.

On the other hand, Apple has equipped its device with Intel’s sixth generation Sky Lake chipset which clocks at 1.2GHz. The difference between these two processors isn’t that big, but it is noticeable. This is why we have to give it to Dell’s XPS 13 when it comes to performance.

Dell XPS 13 vs Apple MacBook Pro: Price

The price of a device is the most important thing about it. This is the first thing that customers take in consideration before deciding to acquire a new product. With that being said, it’s pretty clear why we decided to include XPS 13 and MacBook Pro’s price in this brief comparison.

Even though we were able to see significant differences in the hardware department, we cannot say the same about their prices. Dell has priced its XPS 13 at $1,199,99 while Apple’s MacBook Pro costs $1,299. As everyone can see, the difference is really small. Although customers don’t have any reasons to pay the extra $100 for Apple’s device. The only thing that MacBook Pro brings that XPS 13 doesn’t is its brand name.