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Cyber Security Details For Your Online Safety


More and more cyber security breached too many powerful corporations and therefore it is becoming more important to know how to avoid becoming a hacker’s victim. Cyber security companies are also expanding and training more specialists in the field to fight the daily launched malware.

These few facts will help keep your online information safe:

Checking the FBI’s most wanted cyber criminal list

SO far the FBI has 19 individuals on its most wanted cyber criminal list. The list is always changing and each hacker is responsible for huge consumer looses, starting at 350,000$ and ranging more than 100 million $. The list includes hacker from all over the world and the Bureau offers rewards for catching them.

So far, the most wanted cyber criminals are JABBERZEUS hackers. This group has individuals involved in many racketeering schemes which install malicious software onto the victim’s PC. The ZEUS Trojan malware captures personal identification numbers, passwords, bank account numbers and all other personal information required for online banking.

Social Networking needs to be used carefully

Plenty of online users spend their time on their social media accounts in order to stay in touch with family, friends or with what goes on around the world. Hackers love to use these social media accounts and their method is to usually send links to the user’s most trusted friends.

Some virus authors are never caught

One of the most expensive malware so far is the My Doom virus, which is believed to have made an estimated 38.5 billion $ damage. The virus is believed to have originated from Russia back in 2004 and it became the fastest email spreading worm ever.

59% of employees are caught stealing proprietary corporate data

Most security breaches happening in big corporations are due to employees. It has been estimated that over 59% of employees are fired or caught trying to steal corporate data. Strategies are already being created to prevent these kinds of situations from occurring in the future.

Social engineering: a psychological weapon

The weakest link in cyber security is, of course, represented y people. A very common form of cyber attack is the psychological manipulation of people. This means convincing the victims to reveal personal information or to perform confidential actions. The purpose of the hackers is to obtain information such as system access and fraud.

Your computer is vulnerable

99% of computers use Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash and Java. These applications and software make PC very easy to exploit kits. With a single click on an infected ad banner, hackers can get access to your PC’s information.

These types of hacks are very dangerous and critical. The computer can be infected with ransomware such as Teslacrypt, CTB locker or CryptoLocker variants.

Hacktivism is a thing

It appears that over half of cyber attacks are due to hacktivism: a rebellious use of PC networks to promote political agendas. The ethics usually employed by these kinds of hackers are connected with human rights, free speech or freedom of speech. This kind of civil disobedience can be dangerous.

68% of the funds lost due to hacking are never recovered

Apart from the cost of cyber hacks, companies face financial problems as well. With each new security breach, it becomes more and more difficult to detect, prevent or identify those responsible for a cyber crime.