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Could King Solomon’s treasure be a myth? A history contradicts the Old Testament texts


A historian claims that King Solomon’s mines like the character are just a myth. It is suggested in the Old Testament that the king would have collected 500 tons of pure gold from several mines in the area. Some claim that this treasure exists even today.

An expert suggests that King Solomon was not actually king of Israel, but an Egyptian pharaoh, and his treasure would be just a myth, notes Mail Online.

British historian Ralph Ellis believes that King Solomon was indeed the pharaoh Shoshenq I who ruled Israel and Egypt at the end of the X century BC. The historian claims that finding King Solomon’s treasure is as likely as the discovery of the Fountain of Youth.

Ellis spent 20 years of life analyzing King Solomon’s life, he claims that stories about buried underground riches are a “misinterpretation” of biblical texts. But there is a “gram of historical truth”, the historian suggests. Solomon was not a wealthy king of Israel, but a powerful and fearful Egyptian pharaoh. Ellis believes that neighboring tribes profaned the tombs of the Pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings and offered the riches discovered to King Solomon to prevent an invasion.

The historian claims that there was a strong and rich Israeli dynasty, it was not made up only of the Israeli kings, and the capital was not at Jerusalem. He believes that the authors of the Bible did not consider “stories about pharaohs” acceptable or palpable, so they created a “purely Israeli” hero. If his theory is true, King Solomon’s real treasure could be easily discovered at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where artifacts discovered in the area can be seen.

According to the Old Testament, Solomon led the united Jewish Kingdom and Judea between 970 and 931 BC and has accumulated 500 tonnes of pure gold. Most riches would have been taken from the Ophir region, but the Bible does not provide more details about the exact location.