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Coinbase 5.0.2 now ready for download with new widget


Cryptocurrencies are continuing to rise in popularity and with more and more people ready to start their own dealings with Bitcoins, Ethereum and the like, it’s only natural that an app was created for this purpose. With Coinbase, you can handle all your cryptocurrency dealings easily. You can pretty much do anything related to your cryptocurrency from the comfort of your couch, on your mobile device, and Coinbase is to thank for that. Now, the app has reached version number 5.0.2, and users are no doubt excited to know what has been added to the app.

What’s new?

If you were hoping for some massive changes, you are a bit out of luck. However, there has been one pretty important fix, in the form of bringing back the widget. This has been something that bothered many people, but now the torment is over as the widget is back in its rightful place. While some users might have expected more features from this update, it’s good to know that at least the widget can once again be a centerpiece in any user’s wallet management.

On top of that happy addition, the app now also features a series of new bug fixes. There’s nothing worse than having your dealing altered or messed up by inopportune bugs, so the more the developer is able to squash, the better. For that reason alone it is critical that you install this update as soon as you can, since it will protect you from faulty management and really unpleasant situations.

Encouraging variety

The app is great because it caters to the majority of cryptocurrency dealers, so it doesn’t really matter which precise currency you’re more into. Regardless of your cryptocurrency choices, you will be able to properly manage your growing wallets.


Security is important no matter what app you’re talking about, but when it comes to protecting the privacy and integrity of cryptocurrency dealers, the stakes are higher than ever. There is potential for a lot of danger so knowing that the app is properly secured and you don’t risk losing everything is really comforting.