Christmas Spirit Brought To GTA 5 Via Holiday Event

Christmas Spirit Brought To GTA 5 Via Holiday Event


As major games threw out some Christmas updates to keep the pace with the holidays and Rockstar were no strangers to that. Those who reside in Los Santos got to enjoy a snowy experience in southern regions of the city.

New content was added to the GTA Online side of the game as players got the chance to take part in snowball fights which is a common trait in GTA games during Christmas for Rockstar. The snow wasn’t the only addition to be made public as a new visual overhaul of the Pfister Comet was made available. This vehicle can be tuned into a fine urban dragster.

Another Adversary mode was also implemented, bearing the form of Juggernaut. This mode features players layered in heavy armor sporting big guns. The main goal of this game is to take down the opposing team’s Juggernaut as he only is to survive the assault. Players also receive a nice double RP and money if they play this new mode.

Speaking of prizes, they’ve also added some Christmas goodies including the likes of a unicorn mask, white or blue pajamas, fireworks launcher with ammo, 200 rounds of carbine and marksman rifle worth of ammo as well as a full set of explosives to mess around with.

Rockstar’s GTA Online is one of the biggest trending games now and they’ve delighted fans with countless updates and additions to keep players entertained. These updates cannot be accessed in single player mode and it is somehow a marketing strategy from the guys at Rockstar. Nobody can complain however because keeping the game entertaining for as long as possible will only make players return again and again.


  1. @PayneKiller: No kidding! I mean there are still douchebags in the game… but I *love* the game now. Most of the cheaters are gone, a lot of folks won’t bother you doing business unless you mess with them first, getting full activities is easy… tons of stuff to do and buy.

  2. so the guy in the video sucks at online and that somehow makes it a bad game? Get gud noob!

  3. @philhalo66: Weren’t you here in 2013? There was a whole controversy about Carolyn Petit’s reviews of this game.

  4. @punksterdaddy: I remember she made remarks about how bad the women in the game were in terms of how women are represented, which whilst true, the men in the game were hardly positive pillars of society either! I mean, the only character in the game who could be seen as a positive role model at all was Floyd!

  5. @Hordriss: Oh I remember all that very well. I was not a fan and it had nothing to do with her being trans.

    She is partner in crime with good ol’ Anita Sarkessian. I suppose Anita needed someone with Gaming knowledge, seeing as though she never had any herself.

  6. @Hordriss: That was a nasty SJW. Scored gone home a 9. Yikes. Doesnt matter what kind and how crappy game it was. LGBT crap phoned in- was automatically a 9

  7. Sure I’ll collect stuff and make outfits that they’ll take away in 2 weeks… yeah no, *slow clap* Rockstar.

  8. The MP in this game is trash.. Every time I search for a game, it either puts me into a lobby with nobody, or it asks me to “Change my aim settings” off of free aim. Nobody plays the game in free aim AKA how you are supposed to play a video game… Why not have a list of lobbies for game modes and show how many players are in each lobby, like Battlefield? Every time I try to play the online, I end up giving up after 25-30 minutes of trying to find a match with no success

  9. Sadly, no single player dlc that Rockstar promised to us. I wish all this free crap could have been put in the single player campaign.