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Cheating and getting away with it is no longer possible for Pokémon Go players


The San Francisco based company, Niantic, wants to eliminate hacked Pokémon monsters.  As part of their anti-cheating campain, a Pokémon which was obtained “illegally” will be marked and it will also act weird during the game or not respond to your commands. The mark will be a slash in the inventory.

The purpose of the company is to ensure that all Trainers have a fair experience. The new update comes with Raid Battles and new features.

What were some methods used in the past to cheat inside the Pokémon Go game? Some of the methods discovered by Niantic included the use of bots to catch faster a larger number of Pokémon monsters or mapping services (this allowed them to discover the hiding places of rare Pokémon monsters).

What were the measures adopted by Niantic? The game company has banned players permanently, shadowbaned them and blocked programs.  It seems though as if many players resort to such cheating methods.

Online we can find plenty of websites dedicated to offering cheating advice for the Pokemon Go game.

Examples of cheating methods found online

Some gamers suggest spoofing. By faking their GPS location the players are able to go where a rare Pokemon is and catch it. Others suggest botting; a kind of spoffing but it is an automated process. This cheating method helps you conquer rare, high-level Pokémon monsters, using fictitious characters and scripts.  Also, there is the possibility of triggering multiple actions by using several of your fingers. Another cheating possibility is by creating more than one account. Multi-accounting helps you make it difficult for other casual users to play.

The Niantic Company has started to strongly disapprove cheating and there are more actions to be taken against cheaters. It is your choice ultimately.