TrustedHealth Develops a complex Healthcare Ecosystem Based on Blockchain Technology

TrustedHealth continues Trustedoctor’s legacy and takes its target much further. Trustedoctor links patients and the world’s leading doctor specialists and its successor TrustedHealth plans to mix this with the innovative blockchain technology to create a global health ecosystem in specialized medicine available to everyone, anywhere.

Main reasons behind TrustedHealth’s launching

Trusteddoctor’s founder Greg Jarzabek lost his mother to pancreatic cancer, and while traveling through the world to find the best treatments, he became aware of the scattered status of today’s health experts and specialists. Now, Trustedoctor lists 80 doctors from 40 hospitals all over the world, currently attending over 250 patients. TrustedHealth continues the legacy of Trusteddoctor and pushes things much further.

The chief medical officer at TrustedHealth, Philippe Schucht, wants to make use of more sophisticated and evolved treatment methods for patients. The new treatment ways have to revolve around the patient’s specific diagnose and provide the most appropriate treatment plans according to each particular case. To be able to benefit from the highest cure chances, patients must receive highly personalized treatment plans along with easier access to the experts who can treat them.

TrustedHealth was born to provide these solutions and to bring the world’s most complex expertise into a single network, highly secure and accessible.

Innovative plans revealed for the World Health Organization

Trustedoctor revealed its target to the World Health Organization at the headquarters in Geneva on February 28, 2018. The company has been discussing with WHO, offering all the improvements that it can bring to the world’s health system. Trustedoctor and TrustedHealth plan to unite capabilities and engage providers in using the platform in order to make it a global virtual spot for specialized medicine.

The final result is set to be a blockchain-based patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem. Patients will be able to access secure and better ways of receiving second opinions, health plans, diagnoses and more. The de-centralized blockchain technology behind TrustedHealth is set to trigger a global impact and allows transactions and medical record-sharing using bank-level security.

Main benefits triggered by a global medical ecosystem powered by the innovative blockchain technology

Increased interoperability of patients’ health

Interoperability is crucial for systems to share data easier and to perform better data research. All parties with high responsibility and appropriate roles can append data to the record.

Control and data integrity

Better control over data for both doctors and patients will be provided. Users will be able to verify whether the contents of the records have been changed and only users who have permission will be able to access record information.

Enhanced security and regulatory data storage

The de-centralized storage system provides better data security and storage thanks to the dispersed servers that are connected with the Ethereum blockchain. Hospitals and clinics will be able to customize data storage according to geolocation regulatory requirements.

TrustedHealth solutions

TrustedHealth’s role is to provide enhanced solutions for better health outcomes. These include the following:

  • Empowering patients by providing them with extensive knowledge and access to expertise from all over the world
  • Helping patients access targeted expertise from around the globe in a de-centralized healthcare system that assures enhanced treatment
  • Supporting the unification of healthcare experiences for better data collection and enhanced global research
  • Supporting better data security within healthcare

ICO presale begins on March 20

The ICO presale is scheduled for March 20 at 12.00 CET (6 a.m. EST), and the crowdsale is set to start on March 27. Whitelisting is already open. Visit to sign up.

About TrustedHealth

TrustedHealth is a blockchain-based patient-led and doctor-guided complex system that is focused mainly on life-threatening diseases. The system’s primary goal is to deliver the best ways to achieve improved health outcomes for patients and make sure that these will become more accessible.

Trustedoctor helps patients and their families in their battle against life-threatening health conditions using innovative technologies, and TrustedHealth wants to carry on and improve its legacy by mixing it with the blockchain. Technology. This will empower patients and help them access the best expertise in the world in a de-centralized system.

Media Contact

Courtney Calderon

Uproar PR for TrustedHealth


Become a Skilled Football Manager with FootballCoin

Football is considered by some a form of art that requires enhanced strategy and smart tactics. Fantasy Football is a game category in which players have to assemble an imaginary team of real life football players and score points based on the players’ actual performance and their contribution on the field. The players are selected from a specific division in a particular country such as the European famous football leagues UK, Italy, Spain, but also international competitions like Champions League or the World Cup.

Overall, the game is based on real-life chosen players that show real-life performance. All of this and more features are available in a new Management Game called FootballCoin.

FootballCoin and its main features

FootballCoin is the first blockchain based football e-sport platform. The most original feature of this platform is the fact that it successfully manages to blend advanced cryptocurrency technology with traditional sports. This is without a doubt one of the most innovative ideas of this kind.

The game allows you to create teams, choose your players and enjoy football competitions. The best thing about this is that if the players you choose perform well in real life, you’ll get to be rewarded with XFC – the game’s cryptocurrency – which you can then use inside or outside the game by exchanging it for other cryptocurrencies on

Sign up is free and so are most of FootballCoin’s contests. Of course, you can use XFC to join the paid contests organized by users. Players will also get the chance to purchase blockchain-based collectible cards as football player or stadium cards.

The collectible cards are also a cool feature. Once you buy a player card or a stadium card they are yours to use until you decide to sell them or trade them in the game’s market place. All cards are issued in limited edition and are corelated to the real players: the more performant the player, the more expensive the card. Beginner level football players cards are usually free.

The fun part is that most of the international football stars are there, and you can really assemble the team you always dreamed of.

Intense level of competitiveness and the chance to act like a real football manager

Football Management games have a lot of fans these days, and the only “downside” about them is the fact that they can get you addicted because they are fun. FootballCoin, for instance, provides its players with an intense level of competitiveness and it allows you to display your amazing tactics and strategy skills.

You can for example enter competitions organized by your friends, or you can play against them in the same competition and see the results in the final leaderboard.

Basically, FootballCoin is the digital version of Fantasy Football with the chance of getting real prizes from the convenience of your smartphone or laptop.

FootballCoin is set to change the way we play Fantasy Football

FootballCoin allows you to enjoy real-life rewards and this is the natural progression enabled by the new and innovative blockchain technology. Things are fascinating because this is only the beginning of how blockchain technology will be used in the gaming industry. Blockchain technology ensures data safety and transparency. Considering the massive amount of people who are already involved in playing Fantasy Football, there’s no doubt that FootballCoin will gain worldwide adoption soon.

Closing words

The uniqueness of the platform lies in the way that elements are taken from the most popular football games, and they’re combined with the original concept and the innovative platform just to show the world the massive potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. FootballCoin is one of the most original projects on the market, and its vast potential was not ignored. The platform is currently partnering with the world’s mainstream sports news, data, image and video content suppliers and right owners such as Omnisport-Perform Group in order to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency. Are you in? For more information you can check out the FootballCoin’s platform.

Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence to fight counterfeit pharmaceutical industry with FarmaTrust

It’s needless to stress out just how vital the pharmaceutical industry is for mankind. Unfortunately, it has been plagued by a massive range of controversy, and one of the most severe and threatening involves counterfeit medication and the inaccessibility of safe products for people located in under-developed parts of the world. For instance, WHO has estimated that the global value of fake medicines is over $200 billion yearly and more than 30% of the drugs that are sold in developing countries are counterfeits. These include medications such as aspirin, malaria, cancer, HIV treatments and more. This situation is more than disturbing, and it’s against the fundamental human rights.

Fortunately, there is a ray of hope that became materialized in the shape of a company that managed to come up with one of the most ambitious plans ever to change all this – FarmaTrust.

FarmaTrust’s goal is to eradicate counterfeit medicine and create an effective and safe pharmaceutical industry

FarmaTrust is a UK blockchain startup, and global tracking system and this platform’s primary goal is to eliminate counterfeit drugs and establish a safe and efficient pharmaceutical industry that aims to help people instead of hurting them. FarmaTrust’s goal is to allow the circulation of good medications only, both online and offline.

The platform is built on the blockchain technology, and it uses Artificial Intelligence and massive data analysis in order to secure the transportation of medicine from the manufacturers to the consumers.

FarmaTrust provides effective solutions via cutting edge technologies

The company recently signed a partnership with the Mongolian government to pilot a one-year project targeted at preventing the creation and distribution of counterfeit drugs. The pilot project will include all governmental and non-governmental parties in Mongolia, and it will kick off in Tuv Province outside of the capital. Immediate and urgent tasks include helping the government to monitor and inspect pharmacies, conducting feasibility reports and also keeping an eye on pharmaceutical supply chains, retailers, and warehouses.

According to Raja Sharif, the FarmaTrust CEO, the project plans to “secure and optimize the pharmaceutical supply chain” via a multinational collaboration that mixes the blockchain technology and other emerging technologies such as Artifical Intelligence.

The company is also planning to unveil its own cryptocurrency that is expected to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. The crypto will make it much easier for people from all over the world to purchase drugs and pay for a vast range of various complementary medical services.

FarmaTrust uses the most powerful weapons to protect the pharmaceutical industry

Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, cross-platform interaction and big data application – these are the most powerful and efficient means used by FarmaTrust. The company used the revolutionary blockchain technology to create its platform, and it’s based on sophisticated Artifical Intelligence that almost outdoes the human brain. FarmaTrust uses the AI technology to interact with users and analyze data while refining the platform services to help consumers make the best decisions. The FarmaTrust platforms connects users, and it packs a comprehensive inventory of their data to improve its services and products. It’s critical to note that FarmaTrust will not collect any sensitive data without your awareness.

FarmaTrust’s concept is backed by some of the most brilliant minds in the industry including Lord Anthony St John of Bletso, an independent member of the House of Lords. His goal is to leverage his position in the UK government and international politics to transform the entire pharmaceutical industry.

Closing words

The pharmaceutical industry is vital for humanity because it has to do with the preservation of our species. This is one of the sectors that struggles with severe threats that most such and counterfeit drugs and medication inaccessibility. The counterfeit pharmaceutical industry results in over 120,000 deaths per year. FarmaTrust came up with promising and inspirational solutions to all of these crucial challenges via the blockchain technology. FarmaTrust is the most efficient global tracking system that can provide increased security to the pharmaceutical companies, making sure that counterfeit drugs stop entering the supply chain.

The platform’s system is secure, safe, encrypted and immutable and this startup can bring considerable change for humanity. It is a gateway to a more reliable and healthier future for all of us.

IPSX brings benefits to Data Acquisition for Big Data Analysis and scalability solutions targeted at VPN providers

There is an unlimited need these days to share and rent IP addresses for multiple reasons, but unfortunately, there is no easy way to perform these processes. If this possibility existed, this would result in massive advantages for both individuals and businesses alike.

IPSX main features and blockchain benefits

IPSX was created with this specific need that we have referred to above in mind. This is a smart contract based, blockchain protocols and utility token incentivized way of sharing IPs all over the world and a framework that aims the building of applications that require IPs created in a safe, open-source and transparent environment. The IPSX platform just completed the private investment phase, and it managed to raise 6,500 ETH, and the next step is to launch the public Token Generation Event phase that is set to start on 28th February 2018, and it will last until March 5th, 2018. The TGE’s hard cap is set to 10,800 ETH, and 6,500 ETH have been allocated in the private investment round. 4,300 ETH remain available for the public in the forthcoming TGE phase. More information can be found on the ISPX whitepaper.

IPSX allows the possibility for users to share their IPs and Data Center to share its full range of unused IPs with the focus on winning real-time IPSX tokens safely and efficiently. IPSX’s main goal is to develop a framework and an IP address global marketplace that would allow service providers and businesses to build custom-made applications that need massive volumes of IPs based on APIs and SDKs and which also require specific IP needs such as usage time, uptime, geolocation and more data. It’s recommended that all potential contributors join the IPSX Telegram channel.

IPSX relies on the main blockchain specific advantages:

  • Transparency and auditability, providing an accurate image of how the revenues are split between the platforms’ users
  • Immutability, meaning that IPSX covers the liability on IP usage
  • Robust reputation, because IPSX helps in the development of a market with trustworthy partners
  • Maintenance costs and the financial settlement involves efficient finance
  • High security, because all the above data are managed in the highest security environment

Data Mining’s importance

One of the most powerful resources of the era that we are living in is data and data mining processes used by businesses involve converting raw data into robust insights on consumers and their behavior.

Currently, there are thousands of organization throughout the world that perform Data Mining on Big Data, and their primary target is Data Acquisition. This process is partly made via Web Scraping. Data Mining’s best benefits include increased revenue and reduces operational costs, and these can be achieved by discovering hidden patterns and connections in massive data sets that are set to be used in order to make predictions that have the ability to significantly impact businesses.

Data Acquisition process is almost entirely based on massive volumes of IP addresses used by the actors involved in the mining process aiming to scrape data from various sources.

How can IPSX support Data Mining enterprise level clients? Case study: HiQ Labs

One of IPSX’s clients is data science company HiQ Labs and finding out how IPSX supports the company will help you to better understand how the platform can help in Data Acquisition for Bog Data Analysis. HiQ Labs is informed by public data sources applied to human capital. The company curates and leverages public data in order to trigger employees’ positive actions. HiQ Labs’ primary target is to improve its HR services via data science and public data acquisition. It’s interesting to note that back in 2017, HiQ Labs won a process against Microsoft’s LinkedIn due to the fact that their web scrappers were banned from crawling public data.

Lots of similar platforms rely on Data Mining for image analysis, and in the industry, this is called image intelligence. This targets platforms such as Pinterest or Tumbler, for instance. The image acquisition process done via web scrapping faces the same issue as the one mentioned above. More similar examples include SEO platforms such as Search Engines Rank Trackers Tools. The demand for services such as Google ranking benchmarking gets higher every day, and there are tons of platforms offering solutions. The primary issue is that Google blocks IPs when these platforms are trying to collect public data. The solution to this issue involves renting more IPs, but another bothering problem is that the market lacks enough reliable IP providers.

IP usage requirements include specific needs such as various geolocations, different classes and host names, specific speeds, various usage times, different protocols, competitive pricing and more.

So, as you can see, there’s a massive need for IPs in an environment with a poor offer. The solution is creating an IP addresses market that solves the IP address accessibility and availability issues, and this is precisely IPSX’s target. The platform aims to build an ecosystem for all the fields that require smaller or larger volumes of IPs and allow complex applications such as Data Mining to become financially efficient and more accessible.

VPN providers’ main issues and solutions

As you probably know by now, a huge amount of websites and televisions have their country restrictions to limit audience locally due to rights concerns. All of us have been probably hit with the message stating that certain content is not available in our country or location. This happens because providers use geolocation based on the users’ IPs.

Virtual Private Networks aka VPNs are services that allow users to connect via their servers. Basically, a VPN service allows you to virtually change your physical location by replacing your own IP with another one from the VPN provider to overcome content restrictions.

VPN providers have to deal with their own problems such as the fact that there are only a limited number of IPs from GeoLocations. The demand is really high, so it’s practically impossible for some users to access different services. For instance, lots of users could use the same IP, and this results in the banning of that IP, A potential solution to this issue would be the VON provider to rent an IP for a specific amount of time.

How can IPSX help VPN providers?

IPSX could solve a few problems such as the following:

  • Identifying IP providers
  • Establishing the contractual agreement between the IP providers and clients (VPNs)
  • Settling the payment acting to guarantee that the IP address would be available during a period of two hours for instance
  • Offering the option to the client to provide feedback on the IP address provider

There’s a massive need for remote IP address usage and the excellent results of a project that plans to fix the issue has been already proven by the TOR project which has more than 2.5 million daily users. TOR and similar projects have to deal with their own problems such as various liabilities and the lack of revenue.

Here’s how IPSX could support VPN providers:

  • A VPN provider that uses the IPSX platform would be able to integrate its system with IPSX’s SDK in order to allow the clients to choose from millions of IPs throughout the world in real time.
  • IPSX could also allow VPN providers to access IPs in just a few seconds even for short amounts of time and they will pay only for the usage time.
  • Other main advantages offered by a collaboration between IPSX and VPNs include easier access and cost efficiency.

Final words

IPSX can bring significant changes on a massive scale for both Data Analysis processes and VPNs, and the platform will revolutionize the IP address market without a doubt. By getting enough support to materialize its plans, IPSX will definitely lay at the foundation of a brand new Internet era.

For more information and media contact, you are advised to use:

IPSX website:

IPSX Whitepaper:

Telegram Channel:

Contact email:

Company info: Geralka Project AG, Bahnhofstrasse 4, 6052, Hergiswil NW, Switzerland. Registration number CHE-103.114.066

IPSX News: Public Token Generation Event and Private Investment Results

IPSX Press Release: IPSX is a smart contract based, blockchain protocols and utility token incentivized mechanism of sharing IPs among actors throughout the world and a framework targeted at building applications that require IPs created in a trustworthy, secure and transparent environment.

IPSX platform recently completed its private investment phase which resulted in the raising of 6,500 ETH. The next step is the launching of its public Token Generation Event phase.

The company is excited to announce and share the high demand that it managed to trigger during its private investment phase. Over 30,000 ETH were demanded. The Swiss-based company only accepted 6,500 ETH due to the fact that the token generation event’s hard capital is set to 10,800 ETH. There are 4,300 ETH more available for the general public after 6,500 ETH have been raised in the private investment.

The Token Generation Event (TGE) phase is scheduled to begin on 28 February 2018, and it will last until the 5th of March 2018 or until the supply of IPSX tokens gets exhausted. All amounts of token purchases are going to be served during the TGE, and the IPSX token is worth 0,0000151 ETH. More information can be found on the ISPX whitepaper.

Before the start of TGE, there are some essential elements that potential contributors need to accomplish before they are able to purchase the remaining IPSX tokens. Here they are:

  • All potential contributors mush join the IPSX Telegram channel.
  • Whitelist registration is opened, so potential contributors have to register on the whitelist and pass the KYC/AML verification.
  • Lastly, all contributors have to wait for the KYC approval.

It’s also essential to remember that the contribution address will get published on the IPSX website, IPSX blog, and IPSX Twitter account at least with 24 hours before the TGE is scheduled to start. More details will also be announced on the IPSX Telegram channel. We strongly advise you to be cautious and stay safe. By this we mean, avoiding to fall victims to various hackers and scams.

About IPSX

IPSX is a decentralized IP sharing exchange and framework with the primary target of facilitating application building on top of already existing IPs shared by data centers and community members in a reliable, transparent, safe and open-source environment. ISPX is a smart-contract based, blockchain-protocol utility token that represents an incentivizing mechanism which allows actors throughout the world to share IPs.

IPSX vision & key features

IPSX is the first genuinely decentralized IP sharing marketplace with the bold goal of creating a global marketplace for IPs. The platform is combined with flexible tools such as APIs and SDKs in order to support both developers and entrepreneurs in a safe and open-source environment to create new applications on top of the already existing IPs. IPSX is set to become a marketplace for new applications that require IPs as their backbone. These include services such as Data Mining software, VPN providers, micro tasks, web crawling tools and more.

IPs are currently the backbone of Data Mining, and massive volumes of IPs are required for all the actors involved in the mining process in order to be able to accomplish various tasks. IPSX’s goal is to become the leading building ecosystem for all the fields requiring both small and large volumes of IPs. IPSX’s target is to also allow complex applications from Data Mining and other areas to gain more accessibility for the public.

IPSX connects actors in a peer-to-peer network, allowing both data center owners and individual users to rent IPs to others. The platform’s core built-in feature is a dedicated Ethereum-based transaction system that enables direct payments between providers and requestors. All interested parties will be free to create and deploy software to the IPSX marketplace via the SDKs and APIs provided by the IPSX ecosystem.

The project is supported and advised by Marco Mouwen who is one of the initiators of the privately-run and publicly supported NGO Inrfachain a.s.b.l. The Infrachain organization has the full support of the Luxembourg government, and it has been widely praised worldwide after getting adopted in 2017 by eleven of the top names from the Luxembourg Blochckain scene.

For more information and media contact, we advise you to use:

Company info: Geralka Project AG, Bahnhofstrasse 4, 6052, Hergiswil NW, Switzerland. Registration number CHE-103.114.066

IQeon (IQN) Review – Earn Money for Your Intelligence

How does earning money while playing exciting games sound? When we heard this the first time, it sounded ideal. Well, it seems that this is currently possible these days and IQeon is the gaming platform that came up with this. The decentralized PvP gaming platform allows its users to earn real cash while playing games. This player vs. player gaming platform is supported by the leading Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts. IQeon brings a massive range of services, games, and apps that are designed to provide highly intelligent competitions for the players.

How does IQeon work?

With IQeon, you can earn money for your achievements and intelligence by simply playing games. As a player, you will receive the internal currency of the platform for your winnings and achievements –  the IQN tokens based on Ethereum. The tokens are easily exchanged at existing exchanges, and they can be effortlessly transferred to fiat money. All the users’ interactions are stored on the highly secured blockchain. The tokens can be used outside of the platform, and they are compatible with third-party services including wallet, listings, exchanges and more. After the platform is launched, the IQN token will be available on exchanges for selling and buying.

IQeon’s goals

The IQeon platform is designed in order to provide a scalable and flexible virtual location where new products can be launched and promoted while players are competing with a massive range of intelligent tasks. You will be able to earn rewards in the form of IQN tokens. The other purposes of this platform are to create a high-quality IQeon ecosystem, to expand the line of IQ Clash games and last but not least to establish partnerships with game developers and content for this platform.

IQeon provides a win-win situation for both users and developers

Users will be able to enjoy the following advantages:

  • The tokens earned in one game can be used in another as well.
  • The IQN can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.
  • The IQN can also be exchanged to fiat currency and transferred effortlessly to your debit card.
  • The platform is based on the blockchain technology to offers users high security and zero chance of fraud.
  • The platform assures anonymity of the users.

Here are the benefits that the developers will get using this platform:

  • They will be able to gain the attention of additional game audience.
  • Quick integration of their products into the IQeon ecosystem is possible.
  • Using IQN tokens is in accordance with Google Play and App Store Review Guidelines developer policies.
  • The charges for developer fees withdrawal are reduced from 10% in the Apple Store and 30% in Google Play.

ICO essentials

The use of funds involves 60% for the platform development, 25% for advertising and marketing, 8% for operating expenses, 4% for the legal costs and 3% for other remaining expenses. The token sale started on January 30, 2018, and it will end on March 13, 2018.

The number of tokens available for sale is 5,700,000 IQN, and the tokens exchange rate is 325 IQN for 1 ETH. There is no minimal transaction amount required and the maximum transaction account is unlimited.

By participating in the IQN ICO, you will support the platform to bring a brand new way of earning money via gaming and enhancing the gamers’ experience.

Closing words

In today’s gaming world, gamers are not able t monetize their winnings and their achievements in gameplay. The only ways in which they are able to get monetization include illegal exchanges, thematic forums, direct agreements between players and specializes services and auctions. What’s even more severe is that monetization cannot succeed due to developers’ account blocking or fraud.

The IQeon platform takes care of these issues by introducing the IQeon game currency. This way, the earned scored will get transferred to the users’ personal accounts and will be exchanged for IQN tokens. As a gamer, you can use your IQN tokes to play other games, or you can sell them at existing cryptocurrency exchanges.

The IQN platform provides sophisticated security features and completely avoids the risk of fraud thanks to the smart contract mechanism and blockchain technology.

Enroll in the IQeon system to be able to earn money for your intelligence and support this innovative platform while having fun gaming and enhancing your experience and virtual stamina.

Click here to register for the IQeon ICO.

Bulleon (BLN) is the Project that Revolutionizes the Financial World

The blockchain technology currently covers various industries especially the financial one. A mix of technology, security and information eventually led to the development of all kinds of advantages and opportunities which resulted in blockchain revolutionizing the whole world. The Bulleon platform is based on this type of technology, and it brings along a futuristic financial system that’s worthwhile analyzing.

How does Bulleon revolutionize financial transactions?

Bullion or BLN’s main target is to become a clear, user-friendly and safe universal digital asset service concept. The platform is designed so that it serves the most common asset-related commercial values and e-services as well. BLN’s purpose is to offer users services related to everyday digital asset services from just one place in order to make online business much more manageable. Practically BLN aims to become a universal digital asset platform that builds a robust currency to offer high profits and numerous advantages.

Bulleon’s key features & benefits

  • You will be able to log into the platform using a biometric fingerprint; you will also use a biometric hardware wallet.
  • The biometric data will be encrypted and digitally signed via the 256-bit AES technology for increased security.
  • This independent cryptocurrency trading platform will be user-friendly, and it will have affiliate services programs.
  • You will get to use an international debit card for ATM withdrawals, and you’ll get the chance to make online and offline shopping via a mobile app.
  • Cloud mining will allow you to buy mining power with instant activation and without any risks of hardware failure.
  • ICO consulting experts will analyze ICO projects to position Bulleon in the future market.

The main advantages of BLN are the following:

  • The platform is an all-in-one financial services and asset.
  • It has a shareholder’s certificate, and it provides voting rights.
  • You will be able to enjoy the right to receive dividends from BLN’s operating income for shareowners.
  • There are FIAT loans involved in the process of cryptocurrency assets.

Token sale & distribution

Bulleon’s utility token is based on the smart contract ERC-20 of Ethereum network. There is a limited number of emitted BLN tokens, and we are referring to a total of 9,500,000. The ICO is set to start at phase one in the first quarter of 2018. It’s also important to note that the stages will not be time-constrained like in other services and after a phase sells out, the next stage will start automatically. There are 12 phases involved in the process, and each of them will contain 760,000 BLN that will come at a fixed price. The purchase methods accepted will include Ethereum (ETH), US Dollar (USD) and of course, other cryptocurrencies. The rates will vary depending on the phases, and the token’s value will keep increasing after each stage is completed.

The token’s distribution is the following: 96% will be offered for purchase, 2% will be offered for the bounty program, 1% will be offered for the airdrop program, and another 1% will go to the founders. You can find all the complete set of details, features, and advantages of Bulleon on the platform’s BLN whitepaper that provides in-depth information about the system and answers to all your questions.

Closing words

The Bulleon platform will contain most of the financial services in a single place, and this is the most important advantage that comes along with the latest changes brought by future technologies. The world as we know it is about to change thanks to the blockchain, and the best thing that you can do is go with the flow and enter the futuristic financial model proposed by this ingenious platform called Bulleon.

Click here to register for the Bulleon ICO.