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‘Carnival Games’, From 2K And Mass Media Games, To Launch On Nintendo Switch In November


2K has announced that ‘Carnival Games’, the next installment of the popular franchise that has sold more than 9.5 million units worldwide, will arrive on Nintendo Switch for the first time on November 6th, 2018.

Nintendo Switch is the video games console of the moment, at least when it comes to “lite” video games that can be played with friends or family.

Trying to replicate the significant success of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, many games developers work on games dedicated for the Nintendo’s console.

Now, is the turn for 2K and Mass Media Games to be successful on Switch console with its new Carnival Games.

Carnival Games is developed entirely for Nintendo Switch

Built from the ground up for the console, this is a fun game for the whole family that can be played alone or with up to four friends or family simultaneously, taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con features.

The game features 20 brand new games that can be played at home or anywhere.

Carnival Games contains different genres of games for all ages and tastes

As described by its developers, Mass Media Games, Carnival Games will allow players of all ages and levels to enjoy classic games such as basketball (“Baskets!”), clown-killing (“Clown Shooting”), or new attractions such as drone racing (“Speed of Light”) and space bowling (“Cosmic Bowling”).

Four fair-themed streets are also added to the formula of this family video game on Nintendo Switch to provide a different atmosphere for the gamers.

Carnival Games will come to Nintendo Switch in November

Also, 2K have implemented a system that allows players to win coupons to unlock other games and costumes for the characters.

Carnival Games will be available on Nintendo Switch on November 6th, 2018. Now, we leave you with the first distributed images of the series’ debut on the Switch console.