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Cardano (ADA) Will Be Integrated with Ledger Wallet


We have some great news for Cardano (ADA) investors today, the altcoin’s ecosystem is going to be improved by adding secure wallet integration with Ledger hardware wallet devices. Seeing how Cardano (ADA)’s value recently took a nosedive, this new Ledger integration might be exactly what it needs to make a comeback.

Ledger Hardware Wallet Devices

In case you didn’t know, Ledger is a provider of security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies. Ledger will basically provide Cardano (ADA) holders with top notch security options alongside with the integration of the hardware wallet device that’s known as Ledger Nano S.

Cardano (ADA) Integration

The goal of Cardano (ADA)’s developers is to fully integrate the ADA token with Ledger’s cold storage devices. The project will be solely focused on integrating the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem with IOHK’s ADA wallet, Daedalus.

Secure Holding of Funds

What this integration means for Cardano (ADA) investors is that they are allowed to store their ADA tokens offline and to transfer their digital funds from existing software wallet to the new Ledger one. All transfers will take place through the new dedicated Cardano (ADA) app that’s been created on the Ledger Nano S device.

Protection Against Security Breaches

The best thing about Ledger is that it will provide Cardano (ADA) holders with a physical firewall against all sorts of firewall breaches. Therefore, Ledger will isolate every holder’s private keys from online devices like smartphones, tablets or computers. This means that third party apps, software or companies are not going to be allowed to access the private keys.

Cardano (ADA) Foundation Chairman Statement

This is what Michael Parsons who is the Chairman of Cardano (ADA) had to say about this recent news: “The ability to hold digital currency funds securely is front of mind for many users. Ledger has extensive experience in the cyber security industry, specifically with smart cards and secure embedded systems.”