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Bose AR Is Planning To Release Audio Augmented Reality Glasses


With Google Glass, Hololens, Intel Vaunt, and so on, the augmented reality seems to have always been a matter of vision. However, the new idea of an “audio augmented reality” glasses is what Bose is working on.

Bose has recently announced during the SXSW conference the launch of its subsidiary, the Bose AR which has the goal to develop such products.

The features of the new Bose AR Audio Augmented Reality glasses

The object exposed by Bose at the SXSW to materialize the concept of Bose AR is a pair of glasses but, unlike other similar devices, they pack two speakers, included in their frames, which are able to provide information in real time.

The user is able to interact with the glasses by vocal commands, by touching lenses but also via the device’s own sensors which sense the users head movements.

Besides, the glasses can be paired with a smartphone and can offer information, such as the location or other GPS data.

Is not yet known when such glasses will be officially launched by Bose AR

Unveiled only for demonstration purposes, these glasses are just a prototype that is not intended to become a mainstream product in the short term.

For now, they only symbolize the launch of the Bose AR platform, which is open to third-party applications.

As such, Bose announces not only the availability of a development kit but also its intention to invest $50 million to help companies who would like to create applications or services for Bose AR.

Bose claims to be already designing audio products incorporating Bose AR compatibility, but it does not seem to intend to develop very much in this field.

A potential public release date for the first Bose AR products has not been released yet. However, it should be noted that many of the features set out by Bose are similar to the Sony Xperia Ear Duo headphones, presented by the Japanese giant at the Mobile World Congress 2018.