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BlueMail Update Has Just Been Released And Brings New Changes


BlueMail is a free app for managing an unlimited number of email accounts that includes features such as smart notification or blocking access to private emails. The application can be used for Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and more.

BlueMail has overcome other similar apps in many ways

Easy mail accounts setup and easy connection of IMAP accounts make BlueMail a much better application.

The application allows you to change the layout for each account, personalize menus, setting the number of read/unread mail, and much more.

The most interesting thing feature, however, is that the application can be encrypted with a password, which is not quite common for other apps of this type.

Sync can also be done very easily and BlueMail app notifies you when you in real-time when an email arrives.

This application does not consume too many resources and not much battery power. From many people’s point of view, BlueMail is the best email client for mobile devices.

BlueMail Update comes with new changes

Common BlueMail features to all the versions include:

  • Support for multiple email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Alto, and Office365;
  • Sync all your mail accounts into a single interface;
  • Support for POP3, IMAP, ActiveSync, 365, EWS;
  • Support for instant Push Mail;
  • Signature and logo signature support;
  • Can sync with Android Wear;
  • Customizable menus;
  • Dark theme;
  • Android mail printing support;
  • Customizable sync dates – especially for users who spend much time offline;
  • Nice and useful Widgets;

BlueMail new changes include:

  • Permits users to switch off the Unsubscribe button;
  • Fixed some bugs;

BlueMail is compatible with Android 4.1 and higher and requires 45 Mb of free storage space.

BlueMail app got very positive reviews on APK sites and 4.6 stars out of 5 on Google Play Store from more than 330,000 reviews.

The recently released BlueMail version with its new changes can be downloaded and installed directly from Google Play Store or as an APK file from here.