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Black Ops 4 Might Be Released Next Year


Call of Duty: Black Ops fans will be thrilled to hear that they might be able to enjoy the fourth installment of the game. Everyone is extremely excited but the thing is that they don’t know how long will they have to wait patiently for the installment.

The Bright Side

If we were to believe the recent rumors, then we would be really happy because it doesn’t seem much longer until the release date. Since the rumors claim that the fourth update is going to hit the game some time during the following year, it seems that only a few months separate us from the game’s update.

The Down Side

However, there aren’t any official claims that could support the rumors and make us really happy. Activision, the Call of Duty publisher hasn’t made any announcements yet, a fact that left us hanging.

If we consider the first three installments then we would have to wait four more years. Treyarch, which is the video game developer who created the Black Ops, released the first installment for the game during 2010. For the second Black Ops we had to wait two more years and the third version came out in 2015. It has already been two years since the last updates and the Treyarch hasn’t made any precise statements. The only person who predicted the release is Paul Tassi, who also claims that the fourth installment will be made by Treyarch, as it has always been. However, this isn’t 100% sure yet and the fans are asking questions regarding this issue as well.

We’ve already lost our hope for an official statement about fourth Ops current year’s release. There are only few months left from 2017 and it is less likely to receive good news similar to the rumors.

But since we’re not getting anything clear from Treyarch at least we know for sure that Call of Duty: WWII is coming soon, on November the 3rd.