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Bitdefender 2018 Download Available With New Security Improvements


The new Bitdefender 2018 offers us incomparable cyber-security and provides abundances of features to keep your family safe and sound. An interesting feature would be that you don’t need to uninstall the last version and then install the new one, which is the first version to ever have its adaptation through product update.

You can get Bitdefender 2018 as a free product only if you have a subscription to Bitdefender 2017.

Those that want to upgrade for free from Bitdefender2016 or other versions to the newest Bitdefender availability, have to download the most recent installation file from the Bitdefender website and you have to uninstall their actual product. The activation will be possible only with a genuine subscription.
For those who have the last version, Bitdefender 2017, can upgrade to the newest version by proceeding with the next steps:

• Click on the Restart Now in the notification you get with the upgrade information. In case you don’t find any notification message, click on the most recent update, point on the Restart Now button or just click on Update Now from the main product interface and after that restart your computer. Wait for it to restart completely and after that, the “What’s New” window with the information about the new and upgraded features will pop up on the desktop.

• Click on the “Read more” link that will appear and you will be sent to the page for more details and useful articles.
• Close the “What’s New” window to access the interface of the newest installed version.

Those who are using the Bitdefender 2016 version, can upgrade to Bitdefender 2018 following these steps:

• Download the newest installation file from the Bitdefender website and click on “Run”. The latest version will be automatically uninstalled.
• Restart your computer.
• Click on the “Install”
• Login to your account on Bitdefender Central (if you have one already), if not, create a new account.