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BESTEK MRJ1012 Wi-Fi Smart Plug for an Intelligent Management of Your Home Appliances


The BESTEK MRJ1012 Wi-Fi Smart Plug is an intelligent socket that is compatible with Alexa and Google Home Automation. With the help of this Wi-Fi smart plug, you can remote control turn on/off your device from anywhere. This portable, small and lightweight socket will definitely make your life much more comfortable. Just take a look at the best features and functionalities that you will be able to enjoy while using the Wi-Fi smart plug.

BESTEK MRJ1012 Wi-Fi Smart Plug best features

Intelligent control

This smart plug comes with intelligent control, and this means that the AC outlet can be remotely controlled from your phone via the BESTEK HOME APP.

LED Indicator that displays the Wi-Fi’s working status

There is also a LED indicator attached to the device that will show the Wi-Fi working status.

Power switch

You can short press the power switch to turn on and off the device, and if you long press more than 3 seconds, you can control the Wi-Fi and reset it.

You can control more than ten mobile phones

With this product, you will be able to control more than ten mobile phones. The number of the products that each phone will be able to access will be unlimited.

Setting schedules and the timer

You can also set up timers to automatically turn on and off your devices every day while you are not at home. The ability to remotely perform this action will turn out to be great and really helpful.

Main specifications

The socket is made from ABS 94V0 Anti-Fire, and it will be really resistant. The PC Input is 125V, 50-60Hz and 10A Max. This device can control Wi-Fi, and you can remotely control it via Android devices, iOS gadgets and Amazon echo.

The socket is highly protected, and it comes with short circuit protection and overcurrent protection (10A Fuse).

Pricing and availability

You can currently find the BESTEK MRJ1012 Wifi Smart Plug on Tom Top priced at $10.59. You should hurry up because now the socket is on sale. Otherwise, it’s usually priced at $19.89, and this means that you can currently enjoy 47% off the original price.

Closing words

Using this ultrasmall, portable and lightweight socket, you will be able to run off your appliances anytime you want without ever having to worry about forgetting to turn off your air purifier or coffee machine. You can finally test intelligent management of home appliances with this smart socket.