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Best Printer Software For Your iPhone


When we are in a rush of printing something we always wonder if there is an app to speed things up for us. The answer is yes, there are and these are the best ones to use with your iPhone.

  • Printer Pro

This app can be used with iPhones and iPads. Users can print attachments, documents, photos, web pages and more using Wi-Fi printers or printers attached to a Mac or PC using the app installed on your computer.

Documents on Dropbox and Google drive, Clipboard content, Contacts, emails and iWork documents can also be printed.

After installing the app, the user will find it in the “Open in…” list. It is easy to use and fast.

  • ezeep

This app provides among other services driverless printing and mobile printing. The app is compatible with macOS X, Windows, Linux, Android and most importantly with iPhone and iPads.

Users will learn about cloud managed printing. They will be allowed to print using their devices from any location, to any printer. The printing process is running from the cloud, making this the perfect solution for remote printing and payment printing.

  • Printix

Another cloud-based app with a nice design and it is easy to use. It offers several services: secure printing options, Follow me print, mobile printing, print from any device and cloud based printing. The last update was made in August 2017.

  • ePrint

This app works with iPhone and iPod touch devices. Those who download this software will be able to print notes, photos, contacts, Web pages, PDF files and more. Some of the services offered include: support directed for the printer connected AirMac with USB, support printing for shared printer, paper size, orientation, color and other similar options. The app was developed by Microtech Corp.