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Best Minecraft Servers Out There


Minecraft is a game that lets players’ imagination run wild, offering a large variety of options even for solo play, yet the game truly shines when played with others.

From facing friends in survival modes, to building and crafting, exploring, and many other play modes, there’s a lot of custom servers catering to every players’ needs.

Players can easily jump in and play on any server just by adding the IP address on the Multiplayer section of the menu.

Here’s a list of the most entertaining and popular Minecraft servers available:

  1. The Hypixel Network server offers many mini-game options, such as Walls, Bed Wars, or Paintball. Join in by connecting to mc.hypixel.net.
  2. The Shotbow server has two of the best Minecraft mini-games to offer: Hunger Games and MineZ. Hunger Games and MineZ. Hunger Games is a last-man standing mode, where scavenging for resources is the priority, all while trying to survive in the open PVP world. Get better weapons in order to kill before you get killed, and form alliances that might last or might leave you stabbed in the back! The MineZ game mode, while closely resembling Hunger Games, is designed more towards tactical survival techniques. Try both of them out by using us.shotbow.net  to connect.
  3. JourneyGaming’s Pixelmon server requires a modified version of the game and the official Pixelmon mod, both available on their website. The server is intended for Pokemon fans, players being able to actually capture Pokemon while playing. Their server address is play.journeygaming.com!
  4. Corba Craft offers a Vanilla Minecraft experience, meaning it focuses on the classic and original game mode. Being one of the best Vanilla servers, player support and cheating prevention are very well handled, making it a great option for casual and hardcore players alike. Try it for yourself by connecting to play.corbacraftmc.com.
  5. Potterworld offers an RPG experience set in the famous fantasy world of Harry Potter. With its own story and custom world, Potterworld gives you the chance to become a wizard in Hogwarts. Winning the House Cup is the ultimate goal, having players from the same house teaming up in all sorts of battles or contests. Join in on the fun by connecting to PotterWorldMC.com.