Best Holiday Bundles For Xbox One S

Best Holiday Bundles For Xbox One S


Xbox One S holiday bundles have been revealed. In the next months to come eight Xbox One X bundles are going to be released on the marked. The news regarding the new bundles came from Larry Hryb (Major Nelson), the Director of Programming for Xbox Live. The bundles will have 1 Minecraft bundle, 1 FIFA 17 bundle, 3 Gears of War 4 bundles and 3 Battlefield 1 bundles.

The Xbox One S Minecraft Favourites Bundle (500GB): The price of the bundle is $299 USD, it comes with 230 character skins and content packages and a full version of Minecraft for Xbox One and Windows 10. If you are an owner of Xbox 360, this is the perfect opportunity to change to Xbox One S, because you will get the option to transfer your saved worlds from Xbox 360 to the Xbox One S Edition. The bundle can be found at retailer from Central and Western Europe, U.K., Canada and U.S.

The FIFA 17 Bundle Xbox One S Edition (500GB or 1TB): The price starts at $299 USD for the 500GB version and $349 USD for the 1TB version. The package will include the a full FIFA 17 download and one month of EA Access, also the 1TB version of the console comes with an Ultimate Team Rare Player Pack). The bundle is now available in New Zealand, U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe.

The Gears of War 4 Special Edition Bundle for Xbox One S Edition (500GB): Coming November 1, buyers from U.S. and Australia can pre-order the Deep Blue Console Bundle, which can be found only at Game Stop and Microsoft Store. Right now the available bundle for Gears of War 4 includes a 500GB Xbox One S Edition, a copy of Gears of War 4 for only $299 USD, and for a limited time when you order the bundle you will also receive the entire Xbox 360 Gears of War collection for no additional money.

The Battlefield 1 Xbox One S Edition (1TB): The console comes in a military green paint on both the console and controller, to match the theme of Battlefield 1, and a copy of Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, Lawrence of Arabia Pack, Red Baron Pack, Hellfighter Pack, five Battlepacks, and visual changes to the Behemoths in the game, plus one month of EA Access. The bundle can be found at retailer located in Canada, Australia, Europe, U.S. and New Zealand with the price of $349 USD.

The Battlefied 1 Storm Grey Special Edition for Xbox One S (500GB): This edition can be pre-ordered by fans from Australia, New Zealand, U.K. and the U.S. The console will come in a storm grey paint matching the controller, and will have all the contents from the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Edition (1TB). This bundle will be available since November 1 and the price will be set at $299 USD.


  1. there’s no AAA+ amazing games on it yet. wait another 6 months and buy one for £249 with halo

  2. I don’t see the $50 gift card offer on the white quantum break edition when I click on the GameStop link. Am I missing something?

  3. Went out of stock and they reverted to a deal without. Updated post now and best price today for that bundle is $290 at the Amazon link above.

  4. also Matt, thanks a lot for this consolidated info. there isnt a lot of info out there since the retailers started locking up preorders, you helped me a lot.

  5. Few things to add.
    -24hour Walmarts will be selling at midnight, but they do not a have an official system setup yet, so basically 2003 black Friday bum rush.
    -Bestbuy is doing preorders from 25$ up to 100% of price, however you cannot add more money down on the system between now and then.
    -MS store will put a hold/lock on your 500$ when you put in a reservation, and will officially charge you when it ships. Depending on how sh!ty your CCard is, they MIGHT start charging you the month after you reserve it.

  6. i getting the gears of war 4 1tb bundle already ordered it just waiting for delivery and i gonna get skyrim and batman return to arkham

  7. Um, these are all available now or very soon…why are we calling them “Holiday” bundles?

  8. Hopefully these are retailer specific or online only for some bundles as flooding a store with 8 skus will result in 1 that everyone wants and 1 that nobody wants.. Some stores refuse stock orders if a particular sku is taking up shelf space and thus none of the ones people actually want can be sold since the store wont order until crap sku has been sold or shipped back.

  9. It’s too common, XB was black and green, XB360 started white and then went black for the later half of its life.. XB1 started black, and has now gone multi colour, once all these coloured bundles have been sold they might bring in a black S.. However, I’d be after one of the rare colours vs a neutral colour that everyone and their dog has… Be thankful we actually get unique consoles, you could get a black system with stickers that are called “limited editions” if you went with another brand.

  10. seriously who gives a shit about fifa i mean come on release a more worth everyone’s time kind of bundle

  11. actually millions of people since it is the highest selling sports gaming franchise of all time