Best and Fastest Recovering Tools for Windows PC

Best and Fastest Recovering Tools for Windows PC


As we are moving towards a completely digital approach for both business and leisure, most important data is stored on computers. This helps a lot with organizing and keeping evidence, storing information and quickly pulling specific information when needed. However, the digital medium is also much more susceptible to human error that can cause said important information to be deleted.

Deleting an important file or information in general is never a pleasant feeling, but it doesn’t have to be a feeling users hold on to for very long. There are multiple data recovery software available which can help with recovering any lost files. Re-writing or starting from scratch can be tedious and nerve wracking, so why not avoid it completely? Here are some of the best free data recovery software available:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Anyone that has used Microsoft’s Windows OS will surely get the hand of this tool pretty fast. It comes with a friendly interface that resembles the way Windows displays information in windows, making it very accessible for all user types.

This data recovery software will definitely do its job and drag any poor file that might have gotten lost among the deleted trash back into the user’s grasp. It’s a good tool for recovering deleted content and will avert a lot of drama with just a few clicks.


Restoration is great for people that don’t like to get bogged down in a lot of technical commands. If your goal is to get in, perform the task  and grab the missing files on your way out, then Restoration might have what you need. This extends even further as there isn’t even a need for a software installation.

Just have Restoration on your computer and run it, no questions asked. If you’re not very tech savvy and delete important files a lot, keeping Restoration around might be a good anti-getting fired tool.

Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery is what you might be looking for if you need a complex tool that offers a lot of intricate options for solving this particular problem. The way Puran is designed, it will detect tremendous amounts of files that users can sort through and take proper action for.

Puran File Recovery will go as far as recovering an entire partition. The only requirement for this feat is to not have overwritten said partition prior to getting Puran.

Disk Drill

Both internal and external storage sources count towards Disk Drill’s capabilities. What this means is that the software can recover your data regardless of where it was kept before the accident. Additionally, users have the ability of recovering files that have up to 500 MB in size, which not every software can brag about.

File import and export, scans and scanning management, as well as image file previews are just a few of the tools that come with Disk Drill.

These are a few of the most acclaimed data recovery tools available. The fact that they’re free makes them even more valuable, especially when you are in dire need of recuperating a particular piece of data in a moment’s notice.