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Best 4 SnapTube Alternatives Download Available for Android


There are plenty of video downloader applications out there, but SnapThere is definitely one of the best. It allows you to download videos for free from various websites and it became popular among Android users because you can also download multiple videos at once.

However, even this app has its flaws so you might want what other alternatives are available. This article will offer you a few options.


This application manages to come with a simple interface that should please any user. You can choose the quality for your video, from the lowest one, 144 p, to ultra HD. Download begins right away thanks to the quick download feature, so you do not have to wait.


If you are looking for something that is similar with SnapTube and also does its job really well, then Tubemate is what you need. This application allows you to download videos extremely quick. Additionally, Tubemate also comes with its own player, which means that you can view or listen to the content that you downloaded.

The application cannot convert mp3 from videos without the help of another app, and Google Play Store doesn’t have Tubemate anymore, so you will have to search for it online.


Keepvid was originally a website, but since it attracted so many users, and Android app has been released as well. It comes with fast downloads that allow you to get high-quality videos on your Android device. This includes Ultra HD, HD, 4K and 2K.

This application also allows multiple video downloads, it supports more websites and it can also download videos from Youtube. Before you download a video you can also choose the format and the quality that you want.


This application offers you more than the others, because you can download video and audio content but you can also stream over 200 TV channels for free, which is a major advantage. It also supports most video formats.