Apple is Giving out Free iPad Air 2 in Exchange for Older...

Apple is Giving out Free iPad Air 2 in Exchange for Older Tablets


We have some great news for Apple fans that have not gotten ridden of their fourth generation iPad. Apple fans should be happy to know that they can turn in their device in Apple’s store and receive a brand new iPad Air 2. The Cupertino based tech giant seems to have completely changed the way it conducts its business. Many believe that Apple only cares about profits, but it looks like Apple does indeed put a higher price on customer satisfaction.

Free iPad Air 2

Yes, Apple is giving out free iPad Air 2s but there’s a catch. The only Apple fans that are eligible to receive a new iPad Air 2 are owners of malfunctioning or broke fourth generation iPads. This means that minor damages such as scratches or small screen cracks are not good enough. Nonetheless, the free upgrade is going to be made possible in every Apple official store and authorized service provider.

Apple has announced that this project has already been approved and that it’s ready to start shipping large numbers of iPad Air 2 units in exchange for fourth generation tablets. It might come as no surprise, but Apple has stopped producing iPad Air 2 devices and it looks like it wants to completely open up its stocks for another device such as the highly anticipated iPad Pro 2.

Color and Storage Option

The deal gets even better, Apple fans will be allowed to choose the color and storage variant that they wish to receive in exchange for their older tablet. This project has been put in motion since March 30th and it is going to last until Apple runs out of iPad Air 2 units. However, Apple fans that do not wish to replace their older device can always simply repair it at Apple stores.

Affordable iPad

The Cupertino based tech giant took the market by storm a few weeks ago when it unexpectedly launched a brand new 9.7 inch iPad. The tablet is quite affordable being priced at $329 and it’s very similar to iPad Air 2. In fact, it replaces the iPad Air 2 line.