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Apple iPhone Warranty New Details On Its Fixes


The new warranty issued by the giant American-based company exposes new details about the conditions under which the iPhone will be eligible for in-warranty repairs or replacements. The documents also offer some information on the devices which can be repaired or replaced out-warranty and which ones will be considered ineligible due to damage not covered by their existing conditions.

Information extracted from the Service Eligibility Guidelines

According to Apple’s service eligibility guidelines, the device will be repaired under warranty only if it meets certain standards, regardless of any accident or liquid damage: debris under display glass or pixel anomaly, face time camera foam misalignment and single hairline crack to the front glass without point of impact or additional cracks. These anomalies will be repaired upon user claim only.

Damages which can be repaired out-of-warranty are those included on the following list: liquid damage confirmed by user, chips or multiple cracks in glass, clear evidence or internal LCI, LCD fractures, damage due to laser contact with camera, single hairline crack with point of impact, bent enclosure, speaker or microphone grille damage, damaged audio, extreme abrasion or puncture holes, button damage.

There is, however, some damage which is categorized as ineligible and nonreturnable and iPhone users need to be aware of it: Apple service will not repair iPhones which present a mismatch between configuration code and the color, size and model; phones which are internationally tampered with and damaged.

Apple Care Plus:

Apple Care + offers extended coverage two years more from the original purchasing date. Those who want this service should know that it also adds two incidents of accidental damage coverage. The price for this additional coverage is of about 129,000 $ for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.