Apple iPhone 8 OLED Special Edition will Cost $1000

Apple iPhone 8 OLED Special Edition will Cost $1000


Everybody knows that Apple is getting ready to unveil its highly anticipated iPhone 8. The smartphone flagship is said to be the most powerful iPhone ever made and that it’s going to sport an innovative design which will be totally different from what we’re used to see from Apple.

All of these rumors seem highly plausible, but everything comes at a cost. If Apple does decide to make iPhone 8 its most powerful gadget, how much will it cost? Especially when considering that Apple never misses from an opportunity to overprice its products.

iPhone 8 Price

Tech analysts all over the world believe that this year’s iPhone is going to feature quite an expensive price tag. In fact, Apple is expected to price iPhone 8 quite around the same price that Samsung charges for its latest Galaxy S8. This means that iPhone 8 will be priced around $850. This might actually be true since Apple will be practically forced by Samsung to use a competitive price.

iPhone OLED Special Edition Price

However, Apple is also expected to launch a special OLED iPhone 8 which will more than likely cost over $850. Apple is celebrating ten years since Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone and rumor has it that Apple wants to commemorate that event by launching a special edition OLED iPhone 8 with an edge-to-edge display. Unlike the entry level iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8, the OLED device is expected to be priced around $1000.

Taking in consideration the fact that this will be a special edition iPhone, Apple is definitely going to market the smartphone as a commemoration to Steve Jobs and people are going to flock over to it. In addition, Apple fans have been long asking for OLED panels and Apple is finally delivering. Therefore, we highly believe that Apple is sure that its smartphone is going to sell and that’s why it will price it around $1000. We should also mention that the device’s price is going to be inflated in foreign markets such as Asia and Europe.