Apple iPad Pro 2 Rumors Pointing Towards April 4 Launch

Apple iPad Pro 2 Rumors Pointing Towards April 4 Launch


Apple is expected to refresh its iPad Pro lineup this year. Although the Cupertino based tech giant has yet to confirm the official iPad Pro 2 launch date, all rumors and hints are pointing towards an April 4th iPad Pro 2 release. Apple recently confirmed that on April 4th it’s going to organize an event at the Steve Jobs Theatre. This is the perfect opportunity for Apple to commemorate its ex-CEO and launch the highly anticipated iPad Pro 2 lineup.

Apple to Launch iPad Pro 2 in April

The Cupertino based tech giant started reducing the number of iPad Pro units produced. This is pointing out that Apple wants to get rid of all of its already existing devices and prepare the market for new products. Additionally, Apple has followed the same marketing scheme in the past when it prepared to refresh its iPhone lineup. More interestingly, retailers have also started offering iPad Pro discounts of up to 150$. Even better, these discounts are available until April 1st. This is definitely hinting towards the fact that Apple has something big prepared for April 4th.

There Will be Three New Models of iPad Pro 2

Fortunately, Apple has been paying close attention to what its customers have been asking for and decided to make three new models of iPad Pro 2. The device will be available for purchase in the 9.7 inch, 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch models. This is a great marketing move from Apple since the new tablet will be able to appeal to all customers since there is a premium and entry-level model as well.

Apple iPad Pro: Hardware Power

The reason why the entire Apple fan-base community is highly enthusiastic about the upcoming iPad Pro 2 is because it will be able to provide customers with impressive hardware performances. Apple is expected to equip the device with its own A10X chipset. The processor is quite impressive when it comes to speed and stability.

The tablet industry is getting more and more competitive with each year and Apple is forced to step up its game when it comes to hardware power. Additionally, all three tablets are expected to ship with a brand new Apple Pen stylus.