Apple iPad Pro 2 Lineup Will Take the Market by Storm

Apple iPad Pro 2 Lineup Will Take the Market by Storm


Apple has been generating huge amounts of profits with its latest iPad Pro lineup. This is why the Cupertino based tech giant is expected to refresh the iPad Pro offering in the upcoming future. Knowing that Apple has one of the largest fan bases in the tech industry, it’s easy to understand why there so many rumors and speculations about the upcoming iPad Pro 2 lineup are popping up. We have gathered the most plausible ones of them and we’re going to list them right now.

Apple iPad Pro 2: Rumors and Speculations

First off, iPad Pro 2 will be available in the following models: 9.7 inch, 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch. The smallest one of them is expected to feature an enhanced skin that’s been fitted with True Tone technology. If this proves to be true, it will make iPad Pro 2 9.7 inch quite impressive since it will be able to automatically adjust its color levels and temperatures so that it fits its environment.

The middle model will basically be a follow up to the 9.7 inch iPad Air 2. This means that it will probably be priced at $399 and that it will be powered by an A9X processor which will also power the large 12.9 inch model. Additionally, the 10.5 inch variant is said to come with an edge-to-edge display which will feature very slim top and bottom bezels. What we don’t for sure is what display technology it will use, although many believe that Apple will stick with LCD panels.

Finally, the large 12.9 inch model is rumored to be unveiled during the next month. This iPad Pro 2 will be bundled with Apple’s own Pencil Stylus that will have a special magnetic function which will make it easy to attach therefore harder to lose.

Apple is infamous for always overpricing its products and the new iPad Pro 2 offering is not going to be an exception to this rule. We think it’s safe to say that all three models will be more than capable of making quite a dent in anyone’s wallet and that’s because they are expected to be priced around $600.