Apple iPad Pro 2 10.5 inch Model – What We can Expect

Apple iPad Pro 2 10.5 inch Model – What We can Expect


According to rumors started by Apple’s supply chain, the highly anticipated 10.5 inch iPad Pro 2 has already entered in the mass production stage. This means that we should get ready to welcome it soon enough. The only downside is that Apple is doing its best to keep things under wraps and everything we know is based on rumors and speculations. Nonetheless, we will present the most plausible rumors and speculations which are surrounding iPad Pro 2.

Release Date

Obviously the most important piece of information is the device’s release date. One year has already passed since the first iPad Pro was released and customers are demanding another offering. Knowing that Apple is always looking to generate profits, we can be sure that iPad Pro 2 is going to come out this year. In fact, many believe that the device is going to hit markets somewhere around May or June.


Leaving the release date aside, price is what really matters. Apple has made a name for itself for always creating premium products which means they are more than often quite pricey. The already existing iPad Pro model costs $599 for the 9.7 inch variant and $799 for the larger 12.9 one, we can expect iPad Pro 2’s price to fit around the $600 range.


Apple is expected to equip iPad Pro 2 with a bezel-less display that looks similar to what Samsung is offering with its Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone. In addition, Apple is going to make iPad Pro 2 more unique by removing the traditional physical home button. Instead, Apple is said to place a Touch ID fingerprint sensor right beneath the display.

Hardware Power

The reason why the already existing iPad Pro models are selling so well is because they are the most powerful Apple tablets ever made. In addition this is also why they cost so much. With that being said, we think it’s safe to assume that the upcoming 10.5 inch iPad Pro will feature impressive hardware parts. Another factor that’s going to force Apple to make iPad Pro 2 powerful is Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro 5.