Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch to be Launched on March 24

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch to be Launched on March 24


Last year Apple refreshed its iPad Pro offering and the new device became one of Apple’s most successful gadgets ever. Seeing the amount of profits iPad Pro was able to generate throughout 2016, everyone is expecting the Cupertino tech giant to come out with iPad Pro 2 this year.

Even though Apple has yet to confirm when iPad Pro 2 will be launched, this isn’t stopping the entire tech community from speculating about it. The new iPad Pro offering is expected to arrive in the 9.7 inch, 10.5 inch and 12.9 variants. The reason why Apple will introduce three models is because it wants to make its device appeal to more budget-ranges than usual.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch to Arrive Next Week

The reason we are talking about Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro lineup is because rumor has it that the 10.5 inch variant might arrive during next week. Even though Apple doesn’t have any event scheduled for next week, Apple supply chain analysts are reporting that all hints are pointing to the fact that iPad Pro 10.5 inch will be unveiled next week.

To be more exact, these speculations are hinting that iPad Pro 10.5 inch will arrive between March 20 and March 24. Although many believe that Apple will actually launch other products during that period such as a new dongle, headphone and new stylus.

New Apple Pencil

All of the company’s iPad Pro offerings have been bundled with special styluses. Apple is expected to unveil a new stylus that’s going to be bundled with the highly anticipated iPad Pro lineup. Maybe this is what Apple will actually unveil during next week. Also, we should mention that the Cupertino based tech giant has a tradition of unveiling devices in March. For example, last year’s 9.7 inch iPad Pro was unveiled during March.

We can be sure that once the new iPad Pro offerings become available they will sell faster than hot bread. Apple will generate huge amounts of profits as a result of how popular its 2-in-1 lineup is. Nonetheless, March 24 is just around the corner then and we will be able to find out more information.