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Apple Gives Up On The Jack Adapter Monopoly


As is the case with apps, Apple owns absolute control over accessories that are compatible with its mobile devices. Thus, all accessories which have the MFi (Made For iPhone) logo are 100% compatible with Apple devices and guaranteed to function within normal parameters, just like any official accessory.

Multiple options

With the change in the MFi logo, Apple added some new types of accessories which Apple partners can develop and release to the public, like the Lightning to 3,5mm adapter.

Ever since the release of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, each and every iPhone comes with a Lightning-to-jack adapter in the box. However, users who lose or break them can only buy a new one from the stores which sell official Apple products, at the price of about $12.

The fact that now there is the possibility of buying this kind of third-party adapters from the MFi series means that cheaper alternatives will come soon enough too, to the joy of those who still use wired earphones with a 3,5mm jack with an iPhone.

Another change gives way to the developers to produce accessories compatible with the USB-C charging standard, which will allow other wireless accessories such as gamepads or external power banks to be equipped with the new charging-standardized plug.


What Apple does not allow yet is producing USB-C-to-Lightning charging cables, like the one the company sells independently of a smartphone, for the scope of plugging your phone to a MacBook Pro or a MacBook 12.

This cable is also the only one that can be used to benefit of the fast charging present on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ or iPhone X and it costs anywhere between 25 and 35 dollars, depending on its length (1 or 2 meters long).

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