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Another Falcon 9 Rocket Has Safely Landed


SpaceX has enjoyed another successful landing of another one of its Falcon 9 rockets. The Falcon 9 rocket has taken off at 12:31 PM ET from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Its trip was to the International Space Station. The majority of the rickets parts have landed back on solid ground after eight minutes. This is the 14th rocket landing which has been a total success for SpaceX.

SpaceX has known both success and defeat

SpaceX has previously lost some vehicles but during ocean landings. However, this rocket is the 6th one of SpaceX to land successfully on solid ground. The landing site at Cape Canaveral seems to be a lucky charm for SpaceX rockets.

This successful launch was the first one in over a month. This was due to maintenance work on Cape Canaveral’s Eastern Range. The previous mission was in early July.

The Dragon capsule

The Falcon 9 rocket carried the Dragon cargo capsule, which carried over 6,400 pounds of science experiments and supplies for astronauts on the International Space Station. The science experiments included the transporting of 20 mice with limited food supplies.

The capsule will arrive at the station on Wednesday, after spending previous days in the orbit. On Thursday, the astronauts are supposed to open the Dragon capsule. There is a possibility they might open it earlier due to extra frozen ice creams for them to enjoy. This will be SpaceX’s 11th launch in 2017.

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation

The American company is dedicated to the manufacturing of aerospace ships and with space transport. Its headquarters is in Hawthorne, California and its founder, the famous entrepreneur Elon Musk believes in reducing space transport cost so as to colonize Mars and why not, other planets. It has been contracted by NASA to transport cargo to the International Space Station.