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Android P Leaks Revealed Through Hidden Code


If you’re a Google fan or if you simply own an Android device, then you already know that Android O will launch soon. This is why what we’re about to say might sound a little presumptuous, but hear us out: Android P is in the works.

When we say Android P, we’re talking about the future variant of the beloved mobile operating system that will follow Android O. We chose the P because it’s next in the alphabet after O, so this is not the official Google project name by any means.

Android P Code

Of course, it makes sense that a new version of Android will come after O, but what we mean is that Android P is being specifically developed right now. How do we know this? Simple: thanks to the Android Open Source project for Pixel devices, we’ve found two files that seem telling enough.

These two files are a default data bin version containing basic info such as device name and software version. Here is what these files read:


This might sound like gibberish for most people, but if you’re familiar with Google coding language, then you already caught the gist of this message: Android P is coming, and it’s currently being developed slowly and surely on Pixel devices (both the regular Pixel and the Pixel XL). We’re aware of the fact that this is a bit premature, but if the proof is out there, why not discuss it?

Still, there is a long way to go till Android P sees the light of day. For the time being, let us await the upcoming release of Android O. The OS should be here soon, and it’s bound to be revolutionary as far as we can tell.