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An Alien Cyberattack Could Be Possible, According To Two Astrophysicists


Have you ever imagined how an alien invasion would look like? I bet you’ve pictured now some UFOs coming out of the blue blowing everything around you with their powerful laser weapons. Well, forget that, because according to a recent report written by two astrophysicists, an alien cyberattack could be the first stage of an alien attack or invasion.

Two astrophysicists pictured how “smart” aliens would attack us

Michael Hippke and John Learned thought about aliens invasions and concluded that, from the aliens’ point of view, the smartest way to attack Earth would be sending some sort of signal that would contain, in fact, a malware that could block the whole computers’ networks of the world.

Even more, Hippke and Learned built another scenario. Accordingly, aliens could send us signals that can create panic and chaos, such as “We will blow up your Sun tomorrow”.

Their ideas don’t stop here.

They also created another scenario. Now, they’ve pictured the aliens sending a signal containing a sort of “AI” virus-like software that would start multiplying within our networks misleading us into believing it’s a beneficial alien “gift” and which, eventually, will turn out to be destructive.

Such an alien cyberattack could be possible

Hippke and Learned think that the nowadays technology is advanced enough to permit amateur alien searchers to scout for intelligent extraterrestrials. Therefore, it could be possible that one individual to find a real extraterrestrial signal which may turn out to be an alien cyberattack, at the end.

These ideas are not quite new. Hollywood movies implemented these thoughts since the 90s with movies like Contact and Independence Day which both (the first one more than the other) relied on the idea of extraterrestrial signals that encode something inside.

When I think about it, as we’ve sent lots of peaceful message about us and our planet in the outer space, so can do the aliens, which may think differently, and send a “booby-trap” signal that is, in fact, an alien cyberattack.