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Amazon Is Hitting The Ticketing Business – What Will Happen To Ticketmaster?


Ticketmaster is probably the strongest and most famous ticket sales company used, especially in the U.S. So far it has known no rival, but Amazon has enough credit online to try and rival Ticketmaster.

Amazon to rival Ticketmaster

Reuters published a report according to which Amazon is trying hard to partner with venues owners so as to sell tickets for concerts, sporting events and festivals. Other sources cited by Reuters say that Amazon is trying to become a secondary market of ticket selling, just like StubHub.

Amazon’s chances to enter the ticket selling business

This task could prove difficult for Amazon, taking into consideration what a big rival Ticketmaster is. Currently, Ticketmaster is the exclusive seller for many top venues in the U.S. On its website, the company mentions it controls 196 concert venues.

Reuters publication also mentions that Amazon might also have issues over customer data. It seems as if they would not be willing to reveal to owners who bought tickets for their events.

Not a first for Amazon

It is not the first time Amazon tries to score big into the ticket selling business. The American company is now selling tickets for different shows from London’s West End.

Amazon is also an American company of electronic sales and cloud computing. Its revenue in 2016 was of 135.98 billion U.S dollars. Ticketmaster, a primary ticket outlet has merged with other companies in order to become the strong force it is now on the market.

The company merged with Live Nation in February 2009 and in 2010 the two companies started to use the name of Live Nation Entertainment. Competitors find that Ticketmaster has a monopolistic attitude. If anyone could rival Ticketmaster, Amazon could be a strong candidate.